Enslave Her (the original ebook)

Who is our target audience?

Men in North America who have a high degree of self respect, and therefore are becoming increasingly discontent with the behavior of modern women toward men. Everyday they see the media propagating ideas that are contrary to human nature in the form of music, television shows, and movies. And the acceptance of these abdominal ideas by the millions of unthinking mind slaves is enough to build a steady fire of anger in the chests of my men. These men with chests full of anger are few and far between. But we are enough.

Millions of men with no sense of self respect are willing to except this unnatural way of doing things. But we are not willing. We are not chauvinists. We are of intelligent mind, and see nature to be what it is. We see clearly, without the fog of ideological selectiviy. Man is Dominant. woman is submissive. Get over it.

We do not hate women. In fact it is only men like us who can appreciate the true beauty of a woman. Her affectionate and un coerced submission is sweeter than any whorish image that the modern media can paint. Only men who lack the strength to bring a woman to the deepest debts of her devotion, enjoy the cheap whore of the modern media.

We need men who understand the natural biological relationship that exists between a man and a woman, and who understand the dynamics of power. We need you to immediately beginning the sexual healing of the human species. By enslaving as many women as you can, and mentoring as many men as possible to do the same. First a legal disclaimer. By enslaving women I intend a very specific form of legal adult consenting relationships. Second a finical point. You can become very rich enslaving women.

Did you know that more then half of the books sold in North America are romance novels? There is a deep biological need of women, that men are no longer able to fulfill. You can learn to fulfill it. Men are Dominant. women are submissive. Learn these power dynamics and you will be able to gravitate, collar, and train and woman to be you most obedient female slave. She can be beautiful, she can be rich, she can come from a good family, or she may represent some ideal of yours. She will be your willing slave in all matters. Buy “Enslave Her: How to Make any Woman you Meet into your slave”.

Syed Jillal Ali



52 responses to “Enslave Her (the original ebook)

  1. Amazon deleted it after I had gained many positive reviews, and it finally began to attract a larger readership. I’ve made it available for free via email. Let me know if you’d like a copy.

  2. Dear Mr. Syed
    I would like to know when the ebook could be sent to my e-mail address or when the ebook could be available for download.

  3. Dear Sir, I sincerely wish to read this book. I have followed many articles here, and I am in deep agreement of your philosophy.
    I am willing to buy this if required. Please let me know how can I get this book.
    E-mail written as mentioned.

  4. Dear Mr. Syed, I strongly would like to read your e-book.
    If you kindly send me via email the ebook, you will give me a way to start this experience of ultimate re-appropriation of male Power.
    mailto: enslaver@libero.it

  5. I can’t believe Amazon deleted your book. I stumbled across your site several months ago and have been diligently reading through. I’d love to read your book if you are able to email it enslaveher4life@gmail.com or if it’s available for purchase

  6. Dear Syed, I would very much appreciate a copy of your e book as the Amazon link no longer works. I admire your insights and consider it a pleasure to learn from a master in this field.

  7. Interested in your ebook. Would like a copy at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks for your insight into the female mind. I’ve learned a lot reading your articles.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Could you send me the ebook to my email? Greatly appreciate it.
    Cant harld wait to read the book.

  9. Hey Jallal,
    could you send the ebook to me?
    it doesnt seem that your paypal account is working nor the amazon thing is in use.

    I valued your effort in the ebook and really wish if i can have the chance of reading it.


  10. Mr. J. A. Syed, I wrote, as you can see, the last time four months ago .. but I have not received any ebook: no copy of the ebook that will solve the situation of growing chaos in the West. Why?

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