Modern Egypt’s First Legal Slave Contract was Signed Today

Egypt’s First Legal Slave Contract was Signed Today

      Though the following article misrepresents the Islamic institution “of what my right had possesses”, it discusses the revival of female enslavement in the modern world. Something that is already happening. This reestablishment of masculine majesty, dignity, honor, and self respect, will continue to sweep the globe, until women are put back in their proper place. This is the only place a woman’s own intrinsic biological nature will permit her to be satisfied. This revival will be rooted in various ideologies, according to the tradition of the place. However one thing is certain that male superiority will be reestablished. Feminism is dead. She was a bitch anyways. 


Also the article would be better titled “Egypt’s First Legal Slave Contract was Signed Today”. Because that is what was going on according to Islamic jurisprudence. Not really a marriage at all. Islam recognizes two distinct and equally valid sexual relationships, marriage and bondage. 

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