Meditation and Mastering Her

Self-mastery is the key that unlocks the capacity to Master other human beings. Only to the degree that you are self-aware, and therefore have true choice in every moment of your experience will you be able to relate to the impulsivity of your own ego with the indifference of a true Master. Once, you can dominate your own ego, only then can women freely submit themselves to you. The depth of surrender is inspired only by an individual who does not need, or is attached to having anything that lies within her domain of power. Only a man that does not need her love can inspire it. The path to true Mastery is Meditation.


3 responses to “Meditation and Mastering Her

  1. Agreed 100%. Only when our mind is clear and free then we are in control of our minds. Very few people are in control of their own mind. What happens within happens without: reality starts to obey us as we fulfill our own special role in it and obey what is required of us. As we flow. I left you a comment on your ebook page. 😉

  2. you are full of shit, you keep writing about how you are working to spread knowledge to men and make the world into what it should be, but i have been following you for a least a year now, waiting for you to find a way to distribute a book that probably doesn’t even exist.

    all you have are excuses, you aren’t doing shit.

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