The Concept of Slavery in Islam

Dear Friends,

Recently,  I have started a new blog named “A Muslim with Integral Cognition”.  It is driven by a desire to be known in my Islam, and the impulse to articulate a Muslim’s perspective at a level of complexity and nuance that is largely thought not possible in the West. My original impulse to write this blog, and more fundamentally my original impulse toward owning female slaves as property for, both profit and pleasure same from the following four factors.

1. I am human being who is biologically male, and therefore genetically programed, and hormonally driven to inseminate as many women as possible.
2. I am a Muslim, a human being who has committed to surrender his whole being to the Deity by observing the Law given to His Messenger, Muhammad (saws).
3. I am immersed in Western culture having been born, and lived most of my life in New Orleans, Louisiana, therefore my cultural conditioning programed to desire women, and to engage in sexual relationships with them of a kind that where not available within the bounds of Islamic marriage.
4. Sharia permits men to exercise sexual rights over, both their wives and female slaves.

I endeavored to fulfill my sexual desires, while still remaining in integrity with my principles namely that of Sharia. As I gain experience in life and as a result my ego continuous to evolve I am realizing that the form I want to practice in regards to meeting, relating, negotiating, owning, training, and governing women is wholly that of Islam. Therefore, I intend to shift the emphasis of this blog for a time to expound more on that specific form of being a Master, and Dominant personality. The primary motive of this form of practicing bondage is Deep Compassion for, both the woman you own, and the world your relationship participates in.

Therefore, I wanted to share this video with you entitled, “The Concept of Slavery in Islam”. The Sheik does an excellent job of touring the main points, however there are something I would like to point out before you watch it. Firstly, the title itself suggest that primacy of concept within Islam. Islam is a set of behaviors that are displayed upon the limbs. Faith is an ideology which is an array of concepts. However, the primary message of the Qur’an is to the human heart which is beyond behavior or concept, and a direct knowing of the subject which holds our subject as object. Secondly, perhaps more relevantly to the subject of this blog, the Sheik says in the video that the only way individuals are enslaved in Islam is by taking captives in war. He gives the example of parent selling their children into slavery not being lawful. There is a principle in Islamic jurisprudence that if something cannot be proved unlawful, then it is by default lawful. So, there is a small limited domain of possible experience that may be considered unlawful, and an infinite domain of experience that is considered lawful. Therefore, I disagree on this point with the Sheik. Their are other way for a human being to become a slave within Islam namely an adult individual by her own free will may contract herself into bondage.

The Concept of Slavery in Islam

Master Jillal

p.s. Please, comment with any questions. There are multiple other short videos on the topic that I can share, if requested.

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