How to get your First Female Slave

The first thing that must be fully understood by a man in western society seeking to own a female slave for pleasure and profit is that her informed consent is required. Therefore, clearly communicating your desires is a fundamental skill. However, fear may prevent such clear communication. This is why practicing being vulnerable with your feelings when relating with others is highly valuable for you as a man that would master mastering women. Particularly, being vulnerable about your desire to master women with people in general is an essential first step. Coming out about the particulars of your desire with both people you are intimate with, and strangers will gradually eliminate the fear allowing you have access to clearer communication when relating with prospective acquisitions. Mastering your first woman is a game of clearly communicating your desire to as many woman as possible, and remaining indifferent to whether or not any particular woman submits to your desire. 


Saying to a woman that you have just approached in a coffee shop “I’m a control freak, and want to micro-manage your entire life.” may seem like a daunting task, but until you actually do it, there is no way to experience her response. Maybe she will laugh, or maybe she will freak out. Either way experiencing her response is the first step to her submiting to your desire.

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