Evolutionary Patriarchy

Dear Masters and slaves,

Historically, the vast majority of human societies have had a polygamous social structure. This tendency of societies is a emergent property of human reproductive biology. Due to the the long gestation period in homo sapiens their is a great disparity in the investment required by the mother relative to the father of the child. This disparity in the required investment leads to divergent strategies of attaining optimal evolutionary fitness. If the objective is for a female to have as many grandchildren as possible, then the optimal strategy for her is exclusively mate with those high status males whose offspring are most likely to themselves have offspring. Whereas for the male to achieve the same outcome, the optimal strategy is for him to mate with as many females as possible. Only discriminating when more opportunity is available then he can take advantage of. This tendency of females to want to mate with the few evolutionarily elect men, and for lower status males to compete for the few females who are not desired by the higher status males has always led to a polygamous society.

However, due to the advent of Feminism in the Western world the sociological structure has shifted away from a unconsciouses polygamy to an unconsciouses polyamory. The ideal in western society before feminism was monogamy and remains monogamy evan now, but the reality of what occurs in society is that both men and women have multiple sexual relationships at a time. This is what is known as dating. However, because of the influence of feminist ideas women feel no shame in having multiple partners at at a time, and the men they date don’t feel shame in their female partners openly having other partners during the dating phase of a relationship. At best some of these relationships may culminate in a committed relationship. Some of these relationships may result in engagement and possibly marriage. However, studies show that 10 to 60% evan offspring supposedly the result of wedlock are illegitimate in Western societies. This is evidence that presently western society is unconsciously polyamorous thought is pays lip service to monogamy.

This idealization of romatiscized monogamy, but the actual occurrence of polyamory is inherently dissatisfying to both men and women, because it is not consistent with what occurred in human social groups through out the course of the evolutionary history of our species. The dominant male would select a large number of the most sexually attractive females to mate with, and jealously guard his harem of females from contact with other men. The females that he had claimed would compete for his sexual attention. Males who were not as highly valued by the social group, and thus whose displays of dominance would not be tolerated would then compete for the remaining females. Whereas, the male was valued highly in a social group due to his capacity to aid the survival of the group, females where valued for how sexually desirable such a male found her. Thus female biology is precisely calibrated to seek the sexual pleasure of a male who is highly valued in the social group, and thus whose dominant behavior is accepted. All of her unconsciouses motivations are designed with the assumption that her immediate survival, and ultimate genetic fitness depends on her being sexually pleasing to a highly valued man. Evan a woman who is fully aware of this singular tendency of her biology is helpless to resist it any absolute way, and finds immense somatic pleasure in succumbing to and satisfying this drive.

The best of feminism has simple and valid point. That a woman due to the virtue of her personhood has the right to be the agent of her own intentions. But, due the propagation of more extreme feminist memes in society this full agency of a woman is recast in the image of a woman whose motivations and actions resemble that of a man. This type of feminism denies the biology of a woman, and creates cognitive dissonance between her irreducible biological imperative and the ideas that culture has propagated into her mind unconsciously. Because of the neuro-biology of a woman is designed to be extremely responsive to social cues, this cognitive dissonance between biology and encultured ideas is itself almost irreducible. In most women living in western society the cognitive dissonance display itself in neurosis ranging from mild to extreme. Some women who are well adjusted to the norm of society due successfully silence, or reform their biology. Some women who are highly self-aware successfully escape the influence of culture. However, the vast majority remain subject to this neurosis. And, this is precisely hewer the opportunity lies.

Because feminist ideas compel women to directly compete with men for resources, and the fact that women are driven much more strongly to meet the societal standards that are expected by culture, women are and will increasingly control financial resources. The art of being an Evolutionary Patriarch in western society is the art of guiding such woman into a state of eliminating her neurosis, and helping her feel the pleasure of submitting to a Dominant man. This euphoric pleasure of submission to the dominant man is sought by her biology evan more so than continued survival. Therefore, if you as a dominant male, or evolutionary patriarch can provide her this pleasure, then you are a position to negotiate a transaction for any resource under her control. She will ecstatically surrender her psyche, her reproductive capacity, her financial resources, and her political influence to you without hesitation.

In order for the human species to return to homeostasis with our native planetary environment, the sociological structure of human societies must return to a Patriarchal Tribalism. However, this doesn’t necessitate the negation of female agency, but only an acknowledgment that the behavioral biology of the organism in which the agent resides is distinctly female and that the motivations, and behaviors of this body will also be distinctly female. As men who can make the above set of distinctions come into their own, begin to build small harems for themselves, and maybe come together in communities. The taboo that is prevalent in culture will begin to dissipate, and society will again be structured according to norms that are consistent with our behavioral biology.

In conclusion, we the biologically dominant males of the species are a naturally occurring phenomena, and our resurgence is the means by which homeostasis between the species and the planet can be achieved by regulating the structure of human society, because female humans are biologically impelled to mate with dominant males regardless of differences in conscious ideals, in the current state of western society the vast majority of females are unable to fulfill the biological imperative, a real opportunity exists for dominant males to fulfill this need for women who control substantial resources in exchange for access to those resources, and the mechanism of individual dominant males building harems in the only way to restore society to a form that is in harmony with human reproductive biology.



Master Jallal




2 responses to “Evolutionary Patriarchy

  1. Not sure if my other comment was deleted or not.

    Would you do an expose on the inner workings of a slave master? How does he think, act and behave and how does he see himself in his own private thoughts?

    • I myself am devoted to my Creator. I know myself to be His slave, and His vice-regent upon the earth. I submit to no one other than him. If I did this would be idolatry. By virtue of being a human being who has surrender myself, and my affairs entirely to Him I am uniquely endowed with the right to go about ordering the rest of the earth according to His commands. I find that my Creator has endowed me with unique its which I use in Enslaving women. It is lawful for me to enter into consensual contracts of bondage with any woman. Thus, it is lawful for me to seek out, and negotiate these contracts of lawful bondage with women who are willing.

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