Patriarchal Tribalism by Dr. Israr

Dear Masters and slaves,

I recently spent a year in Pakistan studying Sufism, Arabic, and Islamic Philosophy. The fundamental metaphysical perspective of Islam is that the proper relationship between the Creator and a human being is that of Master and slave. The Arabic word for worship quite literally means bondage. I am sure you can imagine than how Islamic metaphysics, and traditional practice of bondage are a rich resource for insight into the practice of bondage today. For me the practice of bondage is a symbolic re-enactment of the metaphysical truth I have chosen to invest belief into. There is poetry in it for me. Sufism in particular is an entire spiritual tradition that explains on how a slave should be inwardly lovingly devoted to his Master. One of my teachers who passed away a few years ago was an eloquent speaker in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and most relavently English. Here is his exposition on Islamic Sociology which can be described in secular language as Patriarchal Tribalism.

I hope to engage in some intelligent discussion about this topic with both Masters and slaves.

Master Jallal

2 responses to “Patriarchal Tribalism by Dr. Israr

  1. you should get a chat room and set a date and time

    what about the book? many await to receive it, including myself will you still give it out for free until you find a suitable way to sale it?

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I will make it available for free once, I find a backup copy. My computer crashed, but I have a backup somewhere. My intention is to start producing videos really soon. Please, provide me some feedback as how those would be received. What type of topics would you like explored, and demonstrated? Are you guys curious about anythin in particular?

    Master Jallal

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