The Mexican

Dear Masters and slaves,

I just approached a 22 year old Mexican girl who speaks perfect English and is taking the last class she needs to graduate with a Psychology major. My interaction with her was quite enjoyable for me. By the end of it I was standing inches away from her, and the energy moving between us brought me to life. What I enjoyed most was that as my consciousness rooted into my body, and my body came alive, so did my intelligence. Her number is in my phone. My intention is for her to worship my cock with her mouth while she tutors me in Neuroscience. I can’t wait till proteins from my seminal fluid are incorporated into the organelles of neurons in her brain.

Master Jallal29415782-Mexico-Flag-Girl-Portrait-Stock-Vector

4 responses to “The Mexican

    • It’s nice to hear you voice their concern. Amazon deleting my book from there listings after I gained some reviews was a discouraging event for me. Soon after I relocated to Pakistan to study Sufism with teachers that had an immense heart, and majestic presence. Recently, I have relocated to Colorado to immerse myself in Integral thinking, and to engage my practice of harem building. I hope to be producing more, then written content over the next few months. Your love, and support is greatly appreciated.

      • I am curious to know why Amazon deleted your listing? The same thing happened to me although I was selling electronic goods when they banned my account. Regardless, I have found another way to be able to sell on amazon even after being banned. I have not tested it out yet, but I have done much research on the topic and found what looks like to be a viable way. Email me if you want more information.

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