Mastery of the American Woman

Dear Masters and slaves,

Whether you are a man who is seeking to collar your first slave, or an experienced Master with a harem of well trained slaves there is a single insight which can immediately accelerate the rate at which you gain proficiency in this craft. Collaring women in the modern western world is a craft, and a profitable profession which requires the investment of your full attention for proficiency.

This is the insight simply presented. Each woman you meet, and all of her unconsciouss behavior can be attributed to some combination of three influences. If you can define, become cognizant of, and sustain awareness of your proper relationship to these three influences, then you can enslave, own, and utilize unconsciouss women in the western world. All human beings are endowed with agency at puberty. Therefore, these influences are determinant of her unconscious behavioral patterns, and these patterns can be triggered giving you the power to control her unconscious behavior, but consciously chosen actions from self-awareness can not be controlled. This is the dignity of being human that equally belongs to men, and women.

1. The Biology of a Human Female

This is a woman’s biology that has been selected for through the course of primate and human evolution over the last 55 million years. The through that a century, or two of false feminist ideas being propagated in western culture through mass media is sufficient to over come human biology would be laughable, except for the mass destruction, and suffering it causes.  These traits which have been selected for by conditions over our evolutionary history would be displayed without inhibition, or repression if a woman was born in the jungle, and grew up with only a few human relationships. These traits display themselves fully in the innocence of young girls who have not yet been encultureated. This is how she is as a child, and what she more fully flowers into in her teens. Depending on her resialence she continues to display these natrual behavioral traits through early, or late twenties. This is the part of her that yearns for a pure experience of sincere devotion and loving surrender to a man of integrity. In order to trigger this inside of a woman you must have intense presence, appreciation of her femininity, and integrity with your own purpose. Check out David Deida on Youtube. Or, Authentic Man Program.

2. Feminist Concepts that have been propagated in Western Culture through Mass Mediafemaledoctor

There have been women throughout history who have enacted the masculine drive toward independence, and liberation. Hillary Clinton is a modern example of this phenomena. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this occuring. However, mass media propagating the idea of this type of behavior being a necessity for all women in society has systematic effects that undermine the family unit, and therefore society itself. A society cannot be sustained without strong families being the norm. It is impossible. In modern western society, this influence of feminist ideas informs the behavior of the majority of women so that it mimics masculine purpose driven behavior. She acts in order to achieve some objective that is dictated by her highest integrity. The irony is that this type of integrity is what you need to develop in order to trigger involuntary sexual response in human female biology.

Again, a woman having capacity and power as an independent agent of is not a negative thing in and of itself. If used properly this capacity and power can be quite valuable to you. And, you as the single object of her loving devotion, and utter surrender can be quite valuble to her. In fact, it is this very capacity and power that has the majority of people in society value her, and their beaver in relation to her over time conditions her brain to act like a high status male primate. Her inner high status male primate needs an even higher status male primate to display dominance over her in order for her to let go of that conditioning, and get back in touch with more deeply wired female biology. This is the evolutionary need that is met by the Dominant-submissive relationship.

First intensify you presence, and thus provide her the potential, or opportunity for a pure uncoerced voluntary experience of loving surrender and sincere devotion. If you can be patient, gradually her values structure will be restructured to place this experience that you provide above all conceptual way of making meaning, and values that have been conditioned into her systematically by society. Once you become the most important thing in her life through the intensity of you presence, nuanced appreciation of her feminine, and unconditional commitment to you highest integrity, then her system of values will restructure according to your own, thus existentially enslaving her to you. Her identity, thoughts, emotions, sexual responses, and behaviors will all becoming increasingly pleasing to you, because her feminine intelligence, or intuition will be fully brought online in service of pleasing you. In order to develop this side of you, you must read and reflect about the Master-slave relationship. You must think about who your prospective slaves are, and instantly cognize such women as prospective slaves, when they enter you experience. How does TPE tie in with the rest of your philosophy and life style? Research and reflection is need for clarification of your own desires.

3. Porn Star Power


The other quality that western society attributes value to women for is displays of sexually manipulative behavior. Porn stars are the ultimate representatives of this, and the vast majority of women in western society have various degree of “porn-starness”. Nullifying this source of value, and power that western women have is to achieve perfect modesty. Be attracted to the natural feminine energy in women. Begin to value biologically female behaviors, and genuine sexual responsiveness in women. Remain uninfluenced by displays of skin, body shape, and sexually manipulative porn star like behaviors until clear context for a sexual relationship has been established, and consumated. Therefore, when she exercise her “porn star power” unconsciously in service of triggering you in some way, you will remain fully in integrity. And, it will be her who is getting turned on. You must give up pornography to achieve this, but by doing so you will absolute nullify this immense power that women have over most men who have been encultureated into westerns society.

So, in order to transform into the ultimate female enslavement machine, the Michale Jordan of mastering women, you only need three things.

(1) Intense presence cultivated through meditation, and alignment with your life purpose.

(2) Extremely clear real time cognition of Dominance and submissive dynamics in all human relationships cultivated through reading and reflecting, or cognitive immersion using video resources.

(3) Absolute nullification of women’s power to sexually manipulate you cultivated by developing absolute modesty. Value and be aroused by her natural feminine behavior and traits.

Do theses three things. Honestly sustain it over the next three months. Come find me if you do not own you first slave in the next three months.


Syed Jillal

5 responses to “Mastery of the American Woman

  1. Sallam Syed. I am wishing to download your ebook but all the links are dead on amazon. Is it still available for purchase? If so let me know where and how. Thanks.

  2. i also think women should obedience to man, i would like a copy of your book, perhaps you could email me your e-book, i want to try it and submit girls.

    Is the site still on by the way? since last post is feb 2014 if so then kindly answer this

  3. What a great blog! As a woman who considered herself a feminist for too long, blogs like yours help me to get in touch with my real nature, that is to submit to men and obey. Society shames us for it but if is my natural role.

    • Hey Marie,

      I like that you appreciate my blog, and that you no longer consider yourself a feminist. I also, enjoyed reading that my blogged facilitated you getting in touch with your real nature as a woman. My message is not that women should submit to unconditionally to men and obey, but rather that when she finds a man who is fully repersenative of her own values, and in integrity with the same ideals she aspires to, thus belonging to the same tribe as herself, then she should submit to such a man, and obey. I agree that society shames even this time of conscious Patriarchy participation in which is the natural role of both men and women.

      Master Jallal

      p.s. I’ve recently edited, and supplemented this post. It may be worth a second read. Do listen to the resources I’ve linked.

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