Patriarchal Tribalism

Dear Master and slaves,

I believe in Patriarchal tribalism. This is the opposite of feminism. Every sexually fertile man has the right to leave a legacy in the form of a tribe that bears his name. He has the right to marry multiple submissive women who will help him manage the tribe. And he has the right to acquire as many female slaves for his pleasure as he can afford. The Patriarch will have absolute power in the tribe. Each wife will be his representative. Their power over the rest of the tribe will be absolute. Their power relative to each other will be determined by their husbands love. Each slave will have obligations, and duties toward the tribe. The daughters of the Patriarch will be married off to other patriarchal men. The sons of the patriarch will find a suitable location, and wife to start there own tribe at puberty.  To leave such a sexual legacy in one of my three main life objectives.



p.s. Here are some memes around the issues. Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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