Letter to a Prospective Acquisition

Dear slave,

I am an extremely dominant Muslim man who would love to give his Domme fiance a set of real female slaves for her permanent service as a wedding present. I want to put her on a pedestal above all the other women of the world. I don’t want her to ever have to raise a finger. I want you wait on her hand and foot. I want you to worship the ground she walks on. And presenting a collared Israeli-Jewish slave girl to her on my wedding night would be especially satisfying. Hopefully, I can find a blonde blue eyed American girl, and an dark haired Indian to complete the set.
The first few months after collaring you, your Mistress and I will train you in how to serve us for the rest of our lives. Your training will teach you to obey perfectly, to never look us in the eyes except very shyly when you are on your knees worshiping with your mouth, to speak only with utmost respect displaying the highest etiquette, to offer the most gracious hospitality to our honored guests, to always be bear-breasted and only wear a wrap that covers from the navel to the knees even when guests are over, to prepare and serve all of our favorite international dishes, to play some classic or jazz music and remain kneeling at the door when we are expected to come home, to immediately take our coats, to bring me a warm cup of tea and a freshly rolled cigar once we are seated, to bring my new bride a warm cup of cofee and something sweet, to take off our shoes and massage her feet in a bowl of warm water, to remain careful that none of the unclean water splashes out of the bowl, to drink the water and beg your Mistress for everything you need to live as a human being while your Master reads a novel, to be therapeutically slapped or spanked by your Mistress as a catharsis for the frustrations of her day, to clean yourself and turn off the music before serving us dinner, kneeling on the ground besides your Mistress ready for our command, to silently follow her for the rest of the night till she goes to bed, to draw her a bath, to massage her in the warm water and give her relaxing guided hypnosis, to rub her body with salts, to dry her, to dress her in a fresh nightgown and prepare her for your Master’s bed, and to kiss her hands and her feet when she dismisse you. And if she does not dismiss you, to remain silently standing all night besides her bed.

After your Mistress had dismissed you for the night, and has gone to bed, you will quietly get dressed, and leave the house to meet your clients. You will be the most high class addictive prostitute for the most powerful men in our city. At first, you will be a beautiful cultured courtesan giving them long relaxing massages, worshiping there bodies, and enthusiastically doing whatever they want. Your job would be to develop deep emotional intimacy with these men, and build the most the most meaningful relationship they have in there lives. Gradually, you would begin to corrupt them. Introducing them to increasingly perverted and depraved sexual acts, until they all are in chastity belts, being fucked with strap-ons, and giving you excessive amounts of money just to put your feet in there mouthes. Doctors, Lawyers, and Politicians will wait for there turn as they watch each other helplessly be humiliated. Your will corrupt them all for the pleasure of your Mistress, and use there perverted addiction to give your Mistress increasing amounts of money and luxury. Every night you will return home, shower, straighten and sanitize the bills, place the cash in a gold money clip and put it on the nightstand next to your Mistress’s bed, and wait for day break when she awakes silently kneeling in you place. She will awake every morning with a stack of cash next to her, and a slave kneeling at her feet. Everyday her love, and devotion to her husband will helplessly increase. You will rest only, when Master is at work, and Mistress is out spending your offering to her. None of your clients will ever know that you are a slave. None of our guests will ever know that you are a prostitute.


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