Letter to a Cuckold

Hey cuckold,


For me, men like you are the root of all social problems in western society. Men who have no principals, integrity, or character. They are fully formed by the influences of their culture and social environment. Women expect to be put a pedestal, so you kneel and let them step on your back. This act of elevating the woman in individual heterosexual relationships has destroyed the natural biological relationship between men and women which is the basis for the family unit. By destroying the family until you have ripped the social fabric of the western world.

There is a global psychological, sociological, economic, and political revolution coming. The sociological aspect of this revolution will be led by men like me, who will knock women of there pedestal even if it means they fall and hit there heads on the floor. They should never have been put up there. They know better. And in the depths of your soul men like you know better. The hatred for men like you, and the desire to deeply violate your self respect motivates me. For a more detailed exposition check out my blog entry.




Men should guard there self-respect by protecting the virtue of their mothers, aunts, sisters, and wives. Wake up and embrace your man hood, your dignity, your self respect. Be willing to kill, or be killed before your self respect is violated.





4 responses to “Letter to a Cuckold

  1. Thank you for your interesting article.
    I have a big problem: I like being dominant and enslave women, but as I am shy and have little self confidence, can’t take control. I don’t want being a cuckold. I wish I had a good friend like you, who would step by step take me out of this humility. I make alot of “Dua” for this.
    best regards

  2. Dear Ramal,

    First, your problem is shared by most men living within Western culture. It is not your fault. People who are seeking power over the entire human race are propagating ideas in western culture that make people lose their integrity and self respect, destroy the family unit, and accumulate financial power in the hands of a very few. You are trapped in a matrix. Thankfully there is a red pill.

    Your mind is currently being bombarded by messages that in one way or another make you display cuckold behaviors. If you want to display dominant behaviors, then you must bombard your mind with messages of your own choosing. Every Dominant who has ever woken up, and made the transition into owning and training woman has went through a period of immersing there mind in media that reprograms there mind. I will provide a list of resources below. Get your hand on a few, and immediately start reprogramming your mind.

    1. The Way of the Superior Man by David Dedia (Anything by David Deida is pretty good)
    2. Any information product by David Shade, Rion Williams, or Authentic Man Program are really good.
    3. Defiance. Gladiator. The Hurricane. These are just some movies that have very dominant male figures. Watch them.

    Thats a good start. Once you become cognizant of the D/s dynamic, you will be able to direct your own reprogramming.


    p.s. Also check out my ebook on Amazon. And please leave a positive review. It is a guide to help guys like you transform from a cuckold tendencies into a Dominant. The more positive reviews I get the faster I can help more people.Type in “Enslave Her” into amazon.

  3. Thank you my friend for your advice. Since the day I recieved your response to my comments are passed two weeks and here are some changes:

    – I started going to wrestling: It helped me to see (compare myself with other men) how I am soften and feminized by the society. It feels good to fight the other men. It is so manly.

    – I bought my self an Ipad, so on my way to work and back (4 hours a day) I can read the books and watch the videos (youtube and movies) which you recommended.

    – I bought your ebook on Amazon. That was the peak of all material which you have offered for study. I loved it. It is short but vary concentrated and gives the solution to all the problems our society face today. Getting that Consciousness is in fact the key to solving all that problems. Thank you again!

    One thing I remarked is that the days I am not in touch with resources you mentioned, I lose my focus and get back to that cuckold behavior, which I hate so much. It is so disgusting: a man without intigrity, dignity and self respect: a cuckold 😦

    Your letter and response were big motivation for me to start struggling for getting back my God given man hood, dignity and self respect.

    best regards and thanks

  4. Dear Ramal,

    You are very welcome, my friend. I am grateful to God that my advice was able to benefit you, and extremely grateful to you for taking action. It would be the greatest help to me if you would leave a positive review on Amazon. So far I have only one positive review for the book. The sooner I gain a following the sooner I can help more people. Here are some more tips to build on what you have already done:

    1. Check out the “Power Consciousness” category listed on the home page of my blog. It has tons of videos and resources to take you the next level. Its put together like a course. “A Short Course in Frame Control” is also really good.

    2. I am a pro-Palestenian Muslim who braves going to a Krav Magav gym full of ex-Isralei military combat instructors. Krav Magav is the most scientific and powerful killing training available on the planet today. The amount of raw power it unleashes in you is incredible, especially if you couple it with zen meditation. Upgrade if you can. However, if you have a passion for wrestling, and none for martial arts, then stick to wrestling.

    3. Really good job on the iPad. When I started all this, I bought myself a noise cancelling pair of Dr. Dre’s Beats. Just plugged them into my iPhone. Literally, cancelled out the world. I love how quickly you take action.

    4. I am really glad that my book was helpful to you. It is rather short, but intended to be very concentrated. Some people get that some people don’t.

    5. Every one is the same way. Society is so overwhelming. It is easy to fall back into old behaviors. Keep up the reprogramming. The more hours you put in, the more unstoppable your Dominance will become. You will have perfect integrity, dignity, and self-respect back in no time.

    6. I was hesitant to publish the cuckold letter, because of the deeply controversial topic, but helping even one person with it was worth it.

    7. Part of Dominance is influencing other people around you. Please, help get the word out about the book. And I am currently filming footage for a video product that demonstrates all these concepts in action with actual women. Do you think that would be helpful to you? Please, be sure to leave a review on Amazon.


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