The Night is for Submission, and the Day is for Dominance

Dear Masters and slaves,

My style of bondage is deeply rooted in my Islamic faith, as well governed by the sharia. I do not wish to get into debates concerning Islam here, rather I would like my audience to take it as the particular coloring of my play with my subs. For my views on Islam itself, please visit my other blog “Operation One Ummah” ( Today, I would like to discuss an insight that arose out of my Islamic practice, but is relevant to all Masters and slaves.

Islam frames the relationship of the human individual with Existence itself as bondage. Human beings are literally evolved as slaves. It is the nature of the human being to inevitable live and die in a state of being a slave. The highest liberation that man can aspire to is bondage to that which it is proper to be in bondage to, namely the Divine. This is because man in as far he is man in inalienably a slave, and the Divine is the only Master whose will for his slaves is in perfect alignment with their fullest self actualization.

Islamic spirituality is primarily the activity of realizing utter dependence upon, and bondage to the Divine. Every night Muslims spends the night is performing protocols and rituals during which they sustain a heartfelt remembrance of their Master.  They forsake their beds our of sincere devotion to their Master. In return for their bondage, they are granted vice-Regency of God’s earth. The night is for submission, and the day is for dominance.

Being a slave proceeds being a Master. Weakness before God precedes, power over the universe. Fully surrendering to the mission that you secretly imagine, precedes circumstances yielding to your will. The decision to change the world precedes , the character which compels angelic forces into motion.  Having a worthy objective to serve proceeds, you being worthy of a slave’s devotion.


Syed Jillal

2 responses to “The Night is for Submission, and the Day is for Dominance

  1. Dear Friend

    Now that I read your book “ENSLAVE HER” on amazon, I get more profit and understanding from the articles you write here on Thank you and may the Everlasting, Supreme be with you.
    Although I were praying since many years, but there were a deep lack of consciousness, that I myself am a slave. And that I should behave like a slave (being in dependence from nobody but Him and putting my trust in nobody but Him) before I am worthy of a slave’s devotion.


    Yesterday I woke up at 3 AM praying to God like a slave (it felt so good, that I am in front of my Master – the Ruler of whole universe – with devotion and consciousness). It was not my first time praying in the night. But now I realized, what was lacking in my prayers were the spirit of a slave. May God Bliss you and give you best rewards in both worlds, as you helped me to become conscious of my Master. I hope that I can keep it on like that.

    I share your book and articles in Facebook and give positive feedback, in the hope that more men and women wake up and take there God given rolls back.

    I am looking forward to watching the videos you are working on. I am sure that these will help me and others in enslaving women.

    Note: As you know I started going to wrestling (actually: Jiu-Jitsu). In the further I have intention to upgrade it to Martial Arts (as you advised).

    best regards

    • Dear Ramal,

      I am very appreciative of God to have been able to help even one person, and greatly appreciate for your prayers. Only He, the ever-Alive, has power over everything, and thus the prayers of others for me are gifts of immeasurable value. I selfishly ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers.

      It is the humility of our heart, the utter realization of our complete helplessness before our Master that allows us to receive His help. The most powerful people on earth are equally as helpless before the Irresistible Unstoppable will of our Master. Every discrete entity, and individual in creation are equally helpless before Him. So why humiliate ourselves before anyone, but Him? No one can help you, without His permission. And, He prefers that you ask Him directly. “Dua” is the essence of worship.

      I love that you find this message beautiful, and that it makes perfect sense to you. This is the message of Islam.

      I hope that God accepts your worship, and your prayers. And that He rewards me for any small part that I may have played in your night vigil before our Master. Muslims call this night worship Tahajood. Pray for me that I too may stand before my Master this night, and beseech Him for His favor.

      Thank you so much for sharing my content. I hope God accepts both our efforts. May He bless both of us healing from the sickness that has inflicted this society, and an abundance of slaves. Please, continue to remember me by name in your prayers especially in the night vigil, and I will add you to mine.

      After, I asked you to post a review on Amazon, another one appeared. I appreciate it if it was you. If not, I request again for a positive review. This blog is sending immense amounts of traffic that way. The sooner we can get positive reviews on the book, the sooner the traffic will start converting to downloads.


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