Doming any Woman your Meet

Dear Masters and slaves,

After having studied and experimented with the natural school of pickup which focuses on having fully present meditative experiences with women by letting go of all egoic expectations, I found that such vivd encounters were amazingly satisfying and consistently led to deep emotional intimacy and mind blowing sexual experiences. However, the more sexually desirable or successful in her career a woman was, the more she tended to display bad behavior. Thought, it was easily dealt with in the moment, it left me desiring an even deeper level of surrender and devotion. This desire which remained unsatisfied would often cause me to eliminate the relationship from my experience, and pursue others. Promising beginnings after promising beginnings ended in disappointment. Until I realized that meditative experiences of women could initiate the relationship, but a completely different skill set was needed to lead into her deepest most devotional love and surrender. This is when I started learning about doming.

Fast forward five years and I am frequently going through periods of my life, where every woman I encounter responds to me very submissively. I do not yet have the ability to sustain this continuously. However, an increasingly percentage of my life is being spent in this state. Where I can simply select the most beautiful and most successful women. Usually I receive signals to approach wherever I am. Starting s simple conversation I let her to do most of the talking, usually I facilitate her making some type of small emotional, sexual, of financial investment is me that is considerable enough to have her attention rest on me for the next week or so. Completely ignoring her present circumstances, I immediately extract her to the nearest point of isolation, knowing that I am the purpose of her existence. There I continue to build attraction until she initiates sexual contact. At that point, I communicate to her that I’m a Muslim and the only way we can have a sexual relationship is that if she agrees to become my slave. I spend the rest of the day alternating between approaching the edge of commencing sex, and training her in protocols and a legal, psychological, and behavioral understanding of what it means to be my slave . Usually by the end of that first day she has serviced me in some way, and extremely excited for the opportunity to please her Master.


Syed Jillal

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