Consciousness is Mastery. Unconsciousness is slavery.

Dear Masters and slaves,

As we all know the globalist have launched a three pronged attack on the global human population with the single objective of gaining perfect control over us.

The first prong of there strategy was to use banks and interest based institutions to accumulate vast amounts of money, and therefore power. This power was multiplied tenfold with the advent of fractional reserve banking, in which banks were allowed to loan out ten times the amount of money they actually had in capital. This process culminated in December 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by Wildrow Wilson. Giving the international banking cartel the ability to print an infinite supply of money, by devaluing the dollar and any currency that trades for it. Giving the bankers the ability to tax the global human population despite national borders, and soveirgn governments. The final step in this financial attack will be a move toward a single global currency. This will give the bankers the ability to print as much money as they want, without producing any value, and thus leach the value from what is produced by the global human population. An ingenious new form of slavery. Of course the readers of my blog are not cattle to be herded, they are self-respecting men who will resist this by any means necessary.

Second, they removed the main competitors for there power by replacing monarchy with democracies all around the world. However in uneducated population, the vote of the ignorant majority can be bought by the redistribution of wealth. They print money, and give it to the poor. The poor vote for those who will do this. The cycle continues.

Thirdly, they use Hollywood, the epicenter of Western culture, to reprogram the collective mind of the human population. Through all forms of media, be it music, movies, etc. they propagated feminism. Equal pay for equal labor is perfectly acceptable. However, they did not stop there. By placing the archetypal woman on a pedestal above the archetypal man, they destroyed the natural affectionate bond that exists between a man and his wife. This bond is the basis of a nurturing home, and family life for there children. Breaking this bond broke the family which being the basic unit of society, resulted in society itself increasingly breaking down on an atomic level. How can we hope to hold a table together, when the atoms that constitute in are no longer associating with one another?

This is where you come in.

Unfortuantly the vast majority of western women have already been influenced by feminism. However there disatisfactio with there own behavior had made sublimated fantasies of bondage, humiliation, and punishment so common in the western female population, that there is a tremendous opportunity to enslave, own, and train any woman that come across your path. You as a self-respecting man have to ground yourself in the understanding that she needs this more, then you need it. BDSM is therapeutic for most women. Evan when you have alleviated her of all the anxiety and repressed drives that have made her neurotic since puberty, she will worshipfully serve you out of gratitude. The higher her status in society the stronger her need for degradation.I am clearly seeing a future where the soveirgn american man returns to this country. Each individual accompanied by female Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Stock Traders, etc. Each man a king with his court.

This is not just a fantasy, or the dream of some far off day. The resources are now available to ground yourself in this deep understanding of female psychology, their repressed drives, and sublimated fantasies. It has taken me years to fully awaken to the level of realization I am at now. Here are some of the resources I have used. If you want to enslave, own, and train highly valuable women as a living, then this is where you get started. Items in each category are listed in order of value that I derived from them.

High Status Psychology

1. Alpha Man Conversation and Persuasion
2. Archetypal Male by Brent Smith
3. Bad Boy Formula by Carlos Xuma
4. How to Get Women to Chase You by Sinn (DVD 3 & 4)
5. Girlfriend Trainign Program by Carlos Xuma
6. Mastering Indifference by Brent Smith
7. Secrets of the Alpha Male by Carlos Xuma


1. American Pimp
2. Aroused

Hypnotherapy / NLP

1. Technichal Maual by Dave Riker
2. Language Course by Dave Riker
3. Everything by David Shade
4. Conversatiaonal Hypnosis by Igor
5. Sexual Key by Fuentes


1. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
2. Alpha Relational Dynamics by Rion Williams
3. Everything by Rion Williams
4. A New Earth by Eckart Tolle
5. Authentic Man Program

TV Shows / Movies

1. The Tudors (Study this show repeatedly)
2. Kings
3. Game of Thrones
4. Suits

Get started. The revolution needs you. Gain understanding. Enslave your first girl. Train her. Enslave more. Train them. Use the resources the generate and there inherent capacities to resist the globalist.

Syed Jillal

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