“Women…Need to be controlled.”

Dear Masters and slaves,

On the television show Maury , an episode on Master-slave relationships was aired in 2012. One of the guests, named Mike, advocated our viewpoint with complete disregard to a crowd of a few hundred people booing him. The way in way he was completely unaffected by the crowd, earned him my respect. His ability to effortlessly maintain a high level of control over his slave despite the influence of the crowd was also something to be seen. A highly charismatic Master, who should actualize his potential to own many more slaves.

Though his misuse of the word “slut” did open his arguments up to to attack, changing the word to bitch, or feminist would have been sufficient for cogency.


Syed Jillal

5 responses to ““Women…Need to be controlled.”

  1. It’s actually probably because no one should be a slave and this bullshit has nothing to do with genetics or evolution. You are dangerously misinformed.

  2. That’s not a master slave relationship they were covering anyway. That’s called abuse, and the women are traumatized under stockholm syndrome. When you cannot see something with your own eyes, I pity you.

    • Yes two of the so called Master’s were abusive. Mike however was rite on the money. And I do see how Stockholm syndrome also applies here. Very insightful.

  3. Prisoners of war serving slaves under humane conditions strictly governed by laws is clearly safer for them, then sending them to a facility like Guantanamo Bay.

    In the field of Evolutionary Psychology it is broadly know that human females are genetically preprogrammed to be submissive. However the repression, and sublimation of these drives results in drives to be completely helpless before a powerful man with complete control over her. This is the psychological root of total power exchange. As a sign of their helplessness they wish to be humiliated by that man.

    In “The Mating Mind” doctor Geoffrey, an evolutionary psychologists provides a clear overview of the submissive sexual drive in women. You are dangerously blinded by our societies culture.

    • Your quantanamo bay comment is completely irrelevant.

      And you need to take a genetics lesson. Genes merely provide the basis upon which we become human. Environment is a huge, even bigger determinant of how we are.

      You cannot just say “it is widely known women are programmed to be submissive” and not expect me to ask you to prove this by pointing to RELEVANT and SCIENTIFIC studies. The point about women somehow wanting to be humiliated because they finally have the respect and freedom they were naturally born with is illogical and wicked to the extreme. Anybody who has a greater amount of freedom will inevitably encounter greater stress, so this is of no relevance either.

      You simply cannot expect to be taken seriously if you genuinely believe in some new world illuminati bullshit that all women will become evil when they are not controlled and abused. You should know people will laugh at you for crying over someone elses rights.

      Women are submissive as a survival mechanism, for when they need to be. As are men. It is not a determinant of someone’s WHOLE character, and besides, who are you to decide how everyone should act. There is no natural order – this is a dangerous delusion borne out of religion rather than good science.

      Oh and, Mike IS abusive. Open your eyes. You have been blinded by your own hate.

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