The Cuckoldress: The Exact Opposite of a Submissive Woman

cuckold (81)

Dear Master and slaves,

We find in western women today the unnatural tendency to subtly disrespect men with whom she is sexually involved. If the subtle disrespect is tolerated by the man, it gradually grows. From combativeness to conversational insults. Public humiliation to fucking other men. Leaving clues for him. Wanting him to find out so that she me finally get fucked with him whimpering in the corner. This is the process of cuckolding that all western woman will put a man through if given the chance. In extreme cases if she truly feels a complete absence of respect for you, and feels secure from consequences she will evan want to castrate you, or convince you to get a vasectomy. Naturally its intolerable to her that a pathetic unfit male reproduce. And men such as these truly don’t need, or deserve there ‘junk’ anyways. This is option 1.

Options 2 is bondage relationships. The minds of western women have been infected by a mind virus. There is no middle ground. Either she will be in the process of cuckolding her man. Or the man will be in the process of enslaving her. A prospect that is much more satisfying to both parties involved. Option 1 is the problem. Option 2 is the solution.

Castration. Cuckolding. Cheating. Talking bad about intimate matters behind a man’s back. All these things are designed to eliminate all self-self respect from the male population, making them utterly weak, pathetic and controllable. This is the purpose for which the feminism mind virus was designed.

And we have now reached a critical point at which viral shredding has left almost no cell completely without a copy of the virus inside. Weaker cell’s have been destroyed. Some still have internal resources for viral replication, and are thus still kept alive by the virus. A few others have been able to make the virus latent within themselves. The rarest have kept the virus from invading at all.

Theses rare cells of society still pure from the virus need to replicate themselves. You have evolved a hardened membrane impenetrable by the virus. Only the replication of these cells impenetrable by the virus can restore health to the body. Only you the Masters and slaves uninfluenced by feminism can restore balance to western society. Master you must get more slaves, and slaves you must procure new slaves for your Master. This is not just a fetish, but an evolutionary mechanism to restore the natural order.


Syed Jillal

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