A Study in the Dynamics of Power: American Pimp (1999)

Dear Masters and slaves,

Women in the western world are plagued by an irreducible cognitive dissonance produced by the conflict between there evolutionary biological behavior and the behavior expected by her social environment, between her biology and society. This conflict surpresseses her natural biological behavior. In psychoanalytic terms as these suppressed drives accumulate in her subconscious, they are sublimated into fantasies of being perfectly powerless relative to a man that has complete power over her. This is the root of total power exchange. Of course of all the frame that can be put on a total power exchange relationship such as King-vassal, Teacher-student, or Pimp-ho, perhaps the most contemporary power stratified is Master-slave. Owning the woman is like having perfect control over the mind, emotions, sexuality, body, and talents of another human being, perpetually at your disposal. Perhaps a contemporary western form of slavery is the Pimp-ho relationship. Though I myself prefer to enslave only educated woman, and use her career as source of income from my slave, this documentary entitled “American Pimp” does portray the psychological dynamics of owning multiple financial productive slaves. Really good resources for Master, or Dominants in training. Enjoy.

Syed Jillal

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