How to Judge a female submissive

Dear Men,

To judge a female submissive is to determine the value of possessing her, by comparing it to your own criteria. This is how human beings make meaning out of experience. In order to truly dominate a female submissive a Judge-judged dynamic must be established. She must recognize that you alone know the criteria for determining good, and bad. And that she must submit to your judgement. In this you will gain a level of control, where she will need you to make meaning out her own experience. Creating this dependency in her will give you the highest level of control possible over your female slave.

Syed Jillal

4 responses to “How to Judge a female submissive

  1. This sounds like an interesting concept but I’m not fully grasping it. Would you expand on this idea more by explaining it further and giving a few examples.

    Thank you

  2. Your Weltanschauung, or worldview determines your cognition of your sensory experience. The ethical values, and the metaphysical “story” that underpins them that you hold to be true are automatically determining the value of individual people and entities that enter your subjective experience. Your sensory experience which is designed for objective perception of your environment, is translated in meaning in accordance with your Weltanschauung.

    The value your assign in your cognition to these individuals do not enter your mind in the form of conscious thought, rather they produce in your subjective experience various emotions which signal to your body the behavior you should outwardly display. If you are an egoic individual this signal is deterministic, and your behavior of a bio-robotic nature. And if your are a more conscious individual this signal is merely a suggestion. Of course egoic and conscious are relative terms, where the vast majority of people fall somewhere on the the spectrum between the two.

    In order to acquire the cognitive ability of automatically recognizing women that enter your subjective experience as potential slaves, and judge their value, you must train your mind. This congitive training consists of reflecting upon, and clarfying your most fundamental principles, and the metaphysical story that underpins them. Then you must derive your beliefs about women, and dominance from these first principles that constitute your first meta-cognition. Then you must go out into the world, and practice this cognitive state in relation to women, thus training your training your mind, and conditioning your cognition.

    Women have a an enlarged RAS, resulting in a highly intuitive cognition of the world. The very first instantaneous unit of time you perceive her via any one of your senses, your cognition of her is instantly communicated to her cognition. She behaves accordingly. If you instantaneously cognize her as a potential slave, the value of which must be determined before substantial amounts of time and energy can be invested into acquiring and training her. This cognition will instantaneously be communicated into her cognition of you by her intuition. And while a natural primordial woman would be shot with fear, and flee in response, a western woman who due to various factors has bondage oriented subconscious fantasies will still be shot by fear, but gravitate toward the man who has recognized her to be what she actually needs to be. You buffer her from any other influence, and make the meaning out of her experience the way the suppressed deepest genetic drives of her biology are calling out for.

    Given your name it is ironic that you are interested in bondage relationships. May I ask your ideological orientation, or Weltanschauung?


  3. Nice. just the answer I needed to hear. It makes me wonder now what beliefs have caused me to attract the types of women into my life and where I need to change and replace them with a different truth in hopes of changing my relations with women. Thank you.

    I don’t think you are asking for my complete worldview because I doubt I know myself well enough yet to know all there is and it would be much too much information. But if you are asking if I am Muslim, then yes, I am.

    My interest lies in the concepts and beliefs you have presented about bondage relationships that makes it so appealing as I would like to adapt the same types of principles in regards to my wife. A wife is not a slave I realize but nonetheless there are few differences that I can find in our religion regarding a wife and a slave.

    • Iman is nothing more, then a philosophy that has entered deeply into your cognition of the world. My cognition of non-Muslim women is always that of a potential slave of Allah (sbt), or a potential slave of mine. If the woman is “saleem fitrah”, she will respond to the ayats of the Qur’an instantly. If her “fitrah” has been perverted she will not respond to the ayat, but she will respond strongly to behaviors that relate her to me in a submissive way. Thus by framing the interaction, I trigger her subconsciouss perversions.

      To say that you are a believer is to say that your worldview is described by the Qur’an. These concepts are taken directly from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

      There is a clear distinction in Islam between wives, and slaves. Your wife is a companion, a slave is human property. Do not treat your wife like a slave. Be honest about your BDSM oriented desires for her. Authentically share your inner experience with her. And ask her how she feels about acquiring a non-Muslim slave.

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