Enslaving Women is Easy and Profitable

Dear Men,

Yesterday I met the director of english literature department at one of the biggest universities in the South at the Wal Mart. She had pretty eyes and average looks. We caught each others eye over a divider between small aisles. She immediately pushed her cart around the corner, and brushing past my shoulder, came to stand next to me. She picked up the same little straw woven crate I was holding, leaning over to reveal her small perky breasts. I inhaled her chest, and placed my hand on the v in her v neck, my thumb and index finger encircling her neck. She gasped, smiled, and immediately started releasing cascading waves of hormonal sexual response into her blood stream. He face was flushed, but was smiling, desperately happy to be touched. I said a few meaningless things to her, in a comforting strong voice before kissing her. I took her hand, interlaced our fingers, and told her to take me home.

She drove a white lexus. Her house smelled of creativity, baking, and clay. I pushed her onto the stairs directly behind the front door. Pulled down her pants to reveal wet panties. I talked dirty to her revealing to her my plans to make her my slave while I rubbed her soft flower from behind. I pulled of her panties, smacked her ass hard, and told her to take me to her bed. I sat on the bed, and had her kneel before me. I ordered her to kiss my feet, address me as Master, and blow me. All of which she did superbly. After I was done using her sexually, she made me earl grey tea, and served it to me naked with cookies. Once I was done I ordered her to write me a check for a 1000$. I came on her face and walked out. She has texted me six times since yesterday afternoon.


Syed Jillal

6 responses to “Enslaving Women is Easy and Profitable

  1. Hello master. I really wish i will be like you some day. I want to enslave girls, make sex with them and then leave them there like nothing. I want them to love me, dream about me. I will follow the advice of your book for having this results, and i will let you know master.

    • Dominator, a real slave trainer doesn’t abandon slaves any more than a gold miner abandons gold already mined. A real slave trainer makes the slave into his transferable property then properly sells her. If you sell a slave for Bitcoin, there is no way for anybody but the parties involved to prove that money changed hands. The buyer can meet in person an inspect the slave and make an offer without worrying about being robbed as he would be if he was carrying gold or silver or cash. Then he can go online and transfer the Bitcoin once a price is established, you all wait 15 minutes while the old master explains to the slave the she will now obey the new master. You get a transaction confirmation within 15 minutes, much faster than wire transfer and untraceable, and then you are done. Everybody can walk away and the only physical thing to change is that the slave girl voluntarily drives home with a different man, yet intangible currency has changed hands, an international human trafficking crime that can’t be proven, undermining the authority of all governments world wide. Slavery really is freedom, but in the exact opposite way as Orwell’s 1984.

  2. Syed Jillal,
    I’d buy a good looking well behaved slave from you for like $5,000 (about 50 BC) easy, starting offer. Please, you are throwing away 80% to 99% of your profits by allowing these slave girls to buy back their own freedom so fast. You should have made her spend that $1,000 on a plane ticket to come stay with me and you would get five times the money. Syed Jillal, I don’t mind that you use the girls first. If she comes impregnated with another man’s offspring, maybe I make her have an abortion, maybe I get a little baby slave. If she comes with a disease, I get some antivirals (colloidal silver, mushrooms tinctures, Parasitin, etc.), its maybe another $1,000 investment in natural medicine and then she’s clean. Syed Jillal, I know roughly how to make Red Mercury, the Philospher’s Stone, the Medicine of Gold. I know how to keep a slave girl, I know how to turn sad angry criminally insane girls into slaves totally dependent on me, or get capture older slaves past their prime. But to entice a happy cute young rich girl capable of taking care of herself or functioning in a normal marriage into a willing slave is a special talent and skill. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. But really, you would do well to start selling your wares.

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