Ricky Ricardo vs. Ray Ramano

Dear Men,

As late as 1957 men were expected to maintain firm control over there women, and there household. Contrast the character of Ricky Ricardo with that of Ray Romano. See how Lucy is always in a state of complete surrender to the power of Ricky. She fears, and loves him. Nothing else is as powerful in her reality as Ricky.

Now contrast this with the dynamic that exists between Ray and his wife Debra. A man should feel free to take what he want from his wife at any time. The type of desperation perpetually displayed by Ray Roman is increasingly characterizing the men of our society. A tendency which frankly is unacceptable.

This type of dominant behavior by debra makes it impossible for Ray to feel arousal for her. This is direct consequence of feminism, and women feeling the nee to constantly exercise power in relationships.


Syed Jillal Ali

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