Understanding the Global Power Structure

Dear Masters and slaves,

Power belongs to the people. No matter what form of government the people invest this power into there will always be the risk of systematic tyranny. This is true of dictatorships, and this is true of democracies. Not the form of government, but the vigilance of good men is what determines the ethical conduct of  government.  Therefore it is extremely important for all self respecting men that they have a deep understanding of the power structure of the society into which they have invested their power.

There are no longer multiple power structures competing around the world. Rather now there is a single global power structure in place designed with the ultimate objective of reducing the global human population to 500 million, and enslaving the this remainder. They intend to use progressing technology to take increasing control.

Power always lies with the people. Any form of government which secures the right of its people is good. Democracy creates a dangerous illusion that the people are determining the actions of the government, when this is no longer the case. Today the source of all global financial, meaning making, and coercive political power is the federal reserve. The analysis is simple. For democratically elected politicians who form the government, those who shape the opinion of the masses are supremely powerful. The media has power over the government. This is no novel concept and is enshrined in the value of a frees press. This would be a force of good, as long as the media served the interest of the people. However in a capitalist society the corporate media will serve the interests of those who have the most capital. Namely the banks. Further the only institution with the authority to govern and regulate the banks ins the federal reserve.

The federal reserve itself is the  of the pinnacle of arrogance. It represents the capacity to produce infinite financial value, without the production of any goods or services, the capacity to leach value from the labour and sweat of any human being on the planet whose currency of exchange is tradable for the dollar. If you think taxes as an American are high, consider the injustice of our goverment vampirically leaching the life blood out of the labour of our entire species.

What does all of this have to do with esnlaving and training women? Understanding the global power structure will allow you to experience global events with a much sharper perception, and ground you in an understanding of how to exercise power. Understanding the most extreme sources of power on our planet will allow you to express the same power in your own actions. Imagine if you were one of the few men who controlled the federal reserve, who shaped the minds and opinions of mankind, and hand selected the candidates for political office around the globe. Would you have any problem enslaving women?


Syed Jillal Ali

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