3 responses to “Feminism is Destroying Western Women

  1. wow this really is incredibly stupid. The fact that you even strive to “enslave” a girl is evidence enough of your lack of self-esteem. A real man wants to engage with a woman on an equal level, he doesn’t need to dominate her to feel powerful. Same goes for women, real feminists are looking for equality not superiority. I guess whoever feels the need to “collar” someone is just a tiny bit sad…

    • Presenting a claim without evidence or argument demonstrates stupidity. There are plenty of natural women with whom it is possible to have meaningful sincere relationships. However the vast majority of western women do not fall under this category. Most western women have irreducible cognitive dissonance rooted in the conflict between the genetic dictates of sexually conducive behavior and the the sexually inhibiting behaviors expected by her socio-culturual environment. As evidenced by the fact that 23% of the American female population suffers from psychological disorders.

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