A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control 3

Dear Men,

This is part 3 of A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control. Please go through part 1 and part 2 first. Only so you can properly frame the following content. Let’s get started.


-When you enslave a female submissive, you are expanding her perspective to include broader context of the biological history of the species. You break the tiny frame of modern society.

Importance of Reframing and Congruency In Total Power Exchange

-Stay true to your own definition of things.

-Stay congruent to your own frame.

-Congruency is the alignment of believe and action. People can feel it.

-Incongruent frames are always weak.

-Charisma, the dominance of a particular frame, is determined by the congruency of the person who holds it (congruency between their beliefs and actions).

The Optimal Frame

Demonstration 1: Christopher Hitchens vs. Feminism

Demonstration 2: Alex Jones vs. Pierce Morgan

Demonstration 3: Ron Paul vs. Pierce Morgan 

Demonstration 4: Christopher Hitchens vs. Hanity 

Demonstration 5: Christopher Hitchens vs. The Catholic Church

Demonstration 6: Christopher Hitchens vs. Ken Blackwell

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