A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control

Frame control is imperative in enslaving, and training a female submissive. A woman’s reality is continuously changing. Any permanency to her frame is only momentary. She knows this. Therefore any interaction between her and yourself is always a struggle for power. She seeks to impose her frame upon you. And you seek to impose your frame upon her. But her submissive nature is such that she is secretly yearning for you to overpower her in this struggle. She wishes to surrender. Remember that.

When she tests the strength of your reality, by attempting to assert her dominance she is hoping to verify your reality. She already know her own to be fickle and fleeting. She is not hoping to falsify your frame. The only way verify the strength of your frame is to test it, which has in it the inherent possibility of falsification. If a woman still has the hope for finding strength in her life, you are both equally disappointed if her test falsifies your reality. Secretly she was hoping that you were the dominant that would take control. If a woman no longer harbor the hope of finding strength in her life, she feels the deep and profound pleasure of virtuous resurrection, when her test verifies your reality. You must learn to unconditionally commit to your frame, and always seek to impose it upon the female submissive.

This is a short and authoritative course in frame control. The content of this course is sufficient to enable you to to exercise absolute power over a female submissive.  Let’s begin by watching a short explanation of frame control, and then analyzing a few entertaining demonstrations of frame control.

Frame Control

Important take away lessons:

-Your frames is constantly transmitted. It is constantly being communicated to those around you.

-Your frame is determined by the depths of your subconscious. Therefore frame control is not so much about how you think, but rather about how you program your subconscious.

-The only interaction you frame can have with another person’s frame is conflict, or power struggle. This power struggle is minimized for the most similar frames, and maximized for the most dissimilar frames.

-Frames are mental structures that must be architected and reinforced.

-The initiation of a social interaction, is the initiation of a frame battle. A female submissive wishes to surrender, therefore you both want you to win the frame battle.

The following videos clearly demonstrate frame battles which result in a single clearly dominant frame remaining at the end. The videos are then analyzed in order to precisely differentiate the various competing frames present at the beginning. The reason why a particular frame was victorious are discussed. And then useful lessons for dominating a female submissive are derived. The videos are all fairly entertaining. Appreciate them for there entertainment, and utility value in learning frame control. They are arranged from shortest to longest. The longer the video the easier it is to observe the frame battle. and the final triumph of the dominant frame. Your focus should remain on competing frames, rather which side you agree with. Therefore the videos are chosen so that highly both socially acceptable, and highly controversial frames are allowed to triumph.

Demonstration 1: Deepak Chopra vs. Christian Man

-If this Christian man can overpower Deepak Chopras frame on national television in the midst of an audience composed of his followers, you can take overpower a woman’s frame who is by her nature submissive. Meaning Deepak Chopra didn’t have a vested intrest in being dominated, but women do.

Demonstration 2: A Train Car Full of Passengers vs. One Business Man

-A single frame can dominate multiple competing frames.

-When you seek to impose your frame on multiple people, there frame become one aggregate frame.

-If a clear leader does not emerge to direct the aggregate frame, then you will dominate the aggregate frame. An example of such a leader would be any one of the passengers who stoop up and voiced the annoyance of the other passengers in a way that resonated with them.

-The compliance of one contributor to the aggregate frame, increases the tendency for other contributors to comply.

-Most absurdity humor is an excellent resource for learning frame control. Tom Greene, and Katlyn Carlson are masters of absurdity humor. Katyln Carlson’s humor has the added benefit of being informed by a very precise understanding of modern male female dynamics.

Demonstration 3: Power Tripping Bouncers vs. Skinny Joker

-Frame control doesn’t require physical dominance. The frame can be controlled purely though an excertion of psychological force.

-The absurdity of the frame being imposed is irrelevant, so long as the dominant imposer communicates complete integrity with the frame.

-As long as the demands made by the dominant are consistent with his frame, they will be consented to.

-If this scrawny guy can frame control huge bouncers habituated to the exercise of power, you can frame control women who are submissive by nature.

Demonstration 4: The Late Show with David Lettermen vs. Howard Stern

-Pure frame control. Stern takes control of the frame from the moment he starts speaking. Picks the topic, and theme for the rest of the conversation.

-The whole conversation is a process of judging people on the show. Judging is by definition is determining the value of a thing from the perspective of a dominant frame. By judging and critiquing the producer of the show, and the band, he establishes his frame as the dominant frame.

Demonstration 5: CNN vs. Muslim Scholar

-Notice how the reporters attempt to use there questions to frame the answers of the scholar.

-Notice how the answers of the cleric obliterate any limitation that the reporters sought to impose.

Demonstration 6: Bill O’Reilly vs. Tom Greene

-It is possible for a frame battle to result in a draw.

-This can be prevented by having your frame be massively reinforced.

In the next continuity of this course, we will discuss how to amass power in your frame. The more power you have amassed  in your own frame, the easier it will be for you to control the frame. We will discuss more advanced frame control theory, and analyze some more entertaining examples. To be continued…


Syed Jillal Ali

6 responses to “A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control

  1. Damn… wish I had found this twenty years ago. Some heavy concepts here. I am newly in a Dom/sub relationship, and this will be extremely helpful in asserting my Dominance.

    • Every man has his destiny. No something to consider when freely dreaming about your future. Just something to know about your past. Make sure the next twenty years dob’t go by without any progress.

      Feminism was a Hegelean antithesis to hundreds of years of european chauvinism rooted in the Catholic doctrine about women’s role in original sin. The pickup movement was the antithesis to feminism. The move toward having natural fully present experiences with women was the antithesis to socially manipulative pickup. Therapeutic Domming and bondage is the antithesis of trying to sustain “traditional” relationships with western women, which are effectually formed by having natural fully present experiences with them, but inevitably become oppressive of the man, or are ended by self-respecting men. Domming is the future of successful relationships in the western world, until natural order can be restored. And frame control lies at the heart of Domming. Godbless.

  2. this is all new to me, I didn’t understand what i was going on thru most of my life, i felt that there was something wrong with the world, that it was out of balance. I read your book and I am beginning to understand, woman need to be controlled. I am 25 and have never been part of a master/slave relationship but i feel that now that i know what is happening i must learn what it takes to collard a woman and bring her under control and back to a natural state.

    • Dear James,

      Don’t think that this is all new to you. These truths are self-evident to your intrinsic masculine humanity. The more you practice becoming cognizant the easier it will become to display natural masculine behavior. You are uncovering your manhood, not developing it. It is not that women intrinsically need to be controlled, it is that women subjected to western culture develop a need to be controlled. Please do me a favor and leave a positive review on Amazon for my book. I would greatly appreciate it. Please be sure to contact me with any questions. Leave a comment. Or, for more private concerns leave a comment requesting an email. Just be sure to put in your accurate email address.


      p.s. Please, do leave a positive review on my book. Thank you.

  3. If you use the link on the top of the home page, you will find that it is. The search rankings on Amazon change constantly. It may show up in the search again in the next few weeks.

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