A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control 2

Dear Men,

This is the second part of A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control. If you are interested int he topic of frame control, and haven’t been through part 1 click here. If you have been through part 1, welcome back. Let’s get started.

Frame Control

-Notice how Adam isn’t explaining frame control, but demonstrating it. He uses single pieces of information to completely reframe the situation.

-Any frame you have created can be recontextualized.

Responding to the Situation from Your Own Frame

Demonstration 1: Dan Rather vs. Richard Nixon (Awesome)

-Dan Rather is a frame control beast. One of the reason’s his frame is so strong, is that he sincerely seeks to be objective. This sincere loyalty to objectivity allows him to fully embrace that his own frame is the true frame.

Demonstration 2: Tom Cruise vs. Matt Lauer 

-Tom cruise completely controls Lauer throughout the interview.

Demonstration 2: Dan Rather vs. George Bush Senior

-The frame battle seems pretty undecisive through the first half of the video.

-Dan Rather continuous to wear Bush down. Bush’s insecurity becomes apparent.

-Rather delivers the battle ending blow rite at the end of the interview.

Demonstration 3: Dan Rather vs. CBS

-Here CBS corporation is an absent frame whom Dan rather is overpower with his own frame.

-Despite bing abscent CBS has massive and palpalbe social proof powering its frame. Dan makes his frame dominant through sheer force of character.

Demonstration 4: The Corporate Media vs. Dan Rather

-Again Dan Rather if a frame control beast.

Demonstration 5: Jon Stuart vs. Both Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson

-This interview got Crossfire canceled.

-Jon Stuart is a master of frame control.

-Two of the most high powered frame controllers on national television are seeking to impose a common frame on him. Every statement they make is designed to pop Stuart out of his frame. Stuart doesn’t evan lose his frame once.

Look out for the part 3 of A Short and Authoritative Course in Frame Control. To be continued…

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