Object of Desire: The Beatles

Dear Men,

Often when men set the Dominant and submissive frame with a woman, they commit the mistake of allowing her to retain the power of desirability. Once you have mastered step 1 and step 2, you automatically induce the state of complete and utter surrender in her. The female state of surrender is one that the process of evolution has instilled to make a woman feel the deep and profound pleasure of fulfilling her biological destiny of becoming a mother. This is the state in which a woman feel most alive. She becomes highly motivated, and loses all her inhibition. Her only purpose of breathing is to sexually pleasure the man who has evoked this state in her. Because as her natural hardwiring begins to override her social programing, she completely loses control of herself. And begins to effortlessly display behavior that is sexually arousing to the man. If you have not yet learned how to induce this state for sexual surrender in women, check out Step 2: Sexually Gravitating Women.

Once you learned to induce the natural trance of sexual surrender, you are now the object of desire. The obscure object of desire that she had socially programmed into her mind since birth is suddenly replaced by the present object of her surrender that is verified as her destiny by her own real life experience of you. She is fortunate that your eyes have found her beauty worthy of contemplation. She is fortunate that you have permitted her to enter your life for a few moments. She is fortunate that she can please you. Her sexual experience must be truly humbling in order to satisfy her feminine nature. Humble her.

Thousands of men will never gather in worship like devotion to any female artist. At least not publicly. Evan today’s energetically castrated man still has enough self respect to recognize that there is some loss of dignity, when multiple men publicly court a single woman. In contrast “The Beatles” worked thousands and thousands of women into hysteric screams of pleasure just by strolling down to the abby.The-Beatles

The entire female and fertile teenage population of the human race was sexually available to the members of The Beatles. In 1962 when the band cut their first audition for Sir George Martin, each of The Beatle had a venereal disease.

This post is going to teach you how to create the same dynamics with women. Here we will explicate the “Rock band-groupee frame.”, or the “Beatles-hysterically screaming teenage girl” frame. Be careful with the power we are about to invest in you. As documented in The Beatles: The Biography by Bob Spitz ” an ironic sadness that accompanied the Beatles’ runaway success—how their dreams of stardom, once realized, became a prison, forcing the band to spend large parts of their youth in hotel rooms to avoid mobs and to stage elaborate escapes from literally life-threatening situations after appearances.”  Once The Beatles realized their dreams they were forced to spend most of their youth in hotel rooms avoiding crowds, and making ellobrate plans in order to travel saftley from one location to another.”

In Objects of Desires and Dreams Phillip Blome, cultural historian and journalist for the New York Times, writes, “No true devotee would buy a T-shirt worn by Mick Jagger during a concert, chuck it in the washing machine and wear it. A Mick Jagger T-shirt is no longer a T-shirt, it’s a connection to the world of Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll, a form of genius, a dream. Collected objects are like holy relics: conduits to another world. They have shed their original function and become totems, fetishes. Collecting by its very nature is animist and transcendental.”

Devotion as an experience is independent from the object of devotion. It requires a display of extremely submissive behavior, not only to the object of devotion, but to anything that represents it. The Beatles fanatics were so devoted, that to know the names of the Beatles is still considered a point of being well cultured. The devotion of the original hysterically screaming teenage girls made The Beatles immortal.Fans Invasion The Beatles music was the cultural manifesto of their generation and sparked a revolution.

Evan four decades after the height of their popularity, The Beatles Rockband became one of the best selling rock bands to date.

If you want to be immortalize yourself by leaving behind a legacy of devoted hysterically screaming teenage girls, who will praise your greatness with every fiber of their being for the coming decades then you need to learn to set of a cultural revolution. The Beatles had groupies long before they crossed the http://youtu.be/XSWABiGHffI

. And in fact it was their charisma which created their opportunity. This is how you create the same energy.

Step 1: Lead somebody.

“The Beatles didn’t invent teenagers. They only decided to lead them.” Seth Goddin

With the wealth that resulted from industrialization in the Western World, emerged the new isthmus of adolescence. For the first time in human history a sexually mature human being was no longer considered an adult, and given the indulgences of a child. This extension of lack of responsibility into the years of peak sexual desire had to have consequences. Teenage emotions, sexual urges, and the desire for meaning provided a perfect following. The question was only who was going to stand up and lead.

The Beatles took advantage of that tribe. Somewhere in the world there are a group of people who adhere to a subculture who need to be led into the future. This one side of the frame that you must set with the women in your life. They should know who loves you, and why they love you very clearly.

For example. I am leading a group of thousand of men in North America who are opposed to feminism as an ideology, and wish to heal the damage that it has inflicted upon the social fabric http://youtu.be/XSWABiGHffI humanity. They recognize that for the hertorsexual relationship to remain vital, men need to dominate independent women, and independent women need to submit to them. Both men and women will mutually heal from the process of total power exchange.

Step 2: Appear as an object of desire.

A very relevant excerpt from Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction.


Step 3: Create A Need


Step 4: Master the Art of Insinuation


Step 5: Enter their Spirit



Syed Jillal

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