Dominant Animal: Alpha Wolf

Dear Men,

The emotional component of  human experience is generated by the mammalian part of our brain. It is primal, predating our rational self reflective mind. Therefore understanding dominant animal behavior in mammals is learning to speak the language that women understand. Something about your body in motion, must convey the message of your superiority. This is extremely important when interacting with a female submissive, especially if she is a potential slave.

Alpha Wolf 

 Psychology Today recently published an article entitled, Social Dominance is not a Myth: Wolves and Dogs, in which David Mech, internationally recognized carnivore ethologist, was quoted as saying, “Similarly, pups are subordinate to both parents and to older siblings, yet they are fed preferentially by the parents, and even by their older (dominant) siblings (Mech et al. 1999). On the other hand, parents both dominate older offspring and restrict their food intake when food is scarce, feeding pups instead. Thus, the most practical effect of social dominance is to allow the dominant individual the choice of to whom to allot food.” This shows the importance of Dominant behavior in engaging the mammalian brain of a female submissive. I have also blogged about Dominant submissve relationships in primates.

In the following video the  alpha wolf expresses aggression to establish dominance over the submissive beta wolf. The beta wolf repeatedly displays the submissive behavior of lying down and rolling over. Quite literally. The dominant growls aggressively, and the submissive whimpers putting its tail between its legs. These are precisley the dynamics that must be created for you to own a a female slave.

Alpha Dog 

Evan as pup this German Shepard is willing to exercise his power to chase away his siblings, who are competing for food. One of the clearest demonstration of animal dominance that I have ever seen.


Syed Jillal

7 responses to “Dominant Animal: Alpha Wolf

  1. Dear Syed
    It is more than 8 weeks that I started to follow your advise, so I become more dominant and get the ability to dominate women. I bought several books and courses which you suggested. Kept training. From time to time I had good moments with more self estime and self respect. Every time I had my good time I tought about you for being the cause, I kept making “Dua” for you :-). Thank you.
    The sources which you suggest are vary good and I like them so much. But sadly I observe that I fall back in the old submissive paterns.
    I assume that you were from your early age an Alpha-Male.
    I have the urge for becoming an Alpha-Male although I see so many Beta-Male paterns in my behaviour. I hope to have the courage and strength to continue. Don’t forget me in your “Dua”.

    • Dear Ramai,

      You have spent your entire life suppressed by social influence it will take some time to reset your physiology. Keep going. Don’t think of it as something you will do for a while and stop. The cultural influence must be constantly counteracted. At the same time do not exhaust yourself. You like the resources that is good. When you start to get tired of them take a brake go away for a while and come back. Also balance time spent with the resources with actually going out and meditating with real attractive women as the object of your meditation. Practive being full if your experience with real women being the cotnent of that experience. This will give insights into life, and women that you haven’t had before.
      Very recently I have come to a new level of awareness that simplifies the entire process. You need to cultivate an awareness, and an energetic relationship with the Eternal Masculine and Universal feminine. By now I am assuming that you are Indian, and therefore when I tell you my own method of increasing my awareness of these two things you will be able to interpret for application to your own background. For me Eternal Masculine Majesty was most intensly disclose in the life of Muhhumad (sws). Therefore forming a metaphysical relationship with him, by connecting with his energy in my consciousness is the how I intensify my masculine Majesty. Then, I uses a playlist of modem female artists singing devotional love songs to ground me in universal feminine energy. If you understand urdu, or hindi check out “Gunjan” on iTunes. Her feminine energy is much more powerful, then any American artists. However, Taylor Swift has some track which represent a more younger sincere female energy, whereas Gunajn has deeper metaphysical feminine energy. If you want I can send you my exact playlist. For me these two sources of drawing energy are enough to get me any result I am seeking with women. May I suggest tor renting some work of Osho, especially the ones on Krishna if you are Hindu. He talks about Krishna’s relationship with the Goppis. That mite help access more spiritual power. “The Perfect Master” series is also highly relevant. I use that one myself.


      p.s. I want to see you succeed. Don’t give up. It takes some time. I was always fiercely independent in my own affairs, but suppressed by women just like you. My family unfortunately has a culture of especially unnatural women. I rose above it, so will you.

      p.p.s. I am currently writing a book on the topic of, “Patriarchal Tribalism: The only sociological system capable of satisfying the evolutionary emotional, social, and sexual needs of both men and women.” It should help you get a broader vision of the work that is required to spiritually reawaken women both to their humanity and femininity. Insh’Allah it will give you a broader vision of the work that needs to be done not only to heal yourself, but to heal the human species. It should empower you further. The broader your vision, the more spiritual power you can access in any moment.

  2. Dear Syed
    Thank you for encouraging words. I am happy that we both have the same background. As I am also a muslim. I don’t understand Urdu vary well (20-30 %). I am not Indian but still from your neighbor country :-). You are so right about Prophet Mohammad (S.A.S) being the Eternal Masculine Majesty. I never looked it from that perspective.
    Tell me please how exactly you build metaphysical relationship with him (connecting with his energy). As to me: I do send about 500 Durood-Sherif daily on him. But I don’t know if that is the way to connect with his energy?!
    I will appreciate it vary much if you would send me the playlist. Thank you.
    I also have some questions about your book “Enslave Her”. It is about talking with the women about the topic of “surrendering”. Could you go in more details there.
    When will your new book “Patriarchal Tribalism” come out? I am looking forward to reading it.
    Thank you for your time and advice


  3. Dear Ramal,

    Your very welcome. I am also glad that you are a Muslim so that I can communicate to you in more direct language, then would be comprehensible by you otherwise. I believe that the process of consensually enslaving educate or affluent women by young Muslim males living in the West represents a type of Jihad. One for whic the crisumstances are ripe. The humanity (fitrah) and femininity of women immersed in the culture of the West is being suppressed. They are look for liberation. The nature of a woman is only fully satisfied when her heart has been inspire with the deepest possible devotion for a man. Give a woman this experience and she will die for you. It is my opinion that training both Muslim and non-Muslim men to re-awaken women to their human and female nature is necessary to heal mankind of all social ills. The relational frame of bondage is a mechanism to establish proximity and affinity as the healing takes places. After you have awoken a woman to her nature she will so much pleasure in every moment of her life that you will not have to ask her to obey. Her constant meditation on your inward reality will disclose to her ituition your most hidden intentions an she will exercise all of her finite capcity to serve you. If you intention is to propagate the Qur’an and establish the dean of Allah (sbt), then this process becomes a type of jihad fi sabil Allah. If your deepest intention is something else this process remains an excellent method of achieving your goals given that we live in a world where we are surrounded by powerful women. If women are now Queens, and most men have been reduced to vassals or serfs, then why not become a King of Queens.

    The Rasul of Allah (sws) was the most complete manifestation of Divine Masjesty in relation to the universe, but in relation to Allah (sbt) he was the most compelte manifestation of Divine Beauty, or Universal Femininity. The essence of the later is surrender, and hence the name of our dean, Islam.

    Sending durood on him cosntantly is the best way, but two things needs to be adde. First that you become highly perceptive of energy, and two that you have a very deep understanding of the Prophet’s (sws) personality. You can become aware of energy by using the following resources reguarly:

    1. Qunatum Touch
    2. Enlightened Sex and the Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
    3. Anything in the self-awakening series by Rion Freeberg. Also Alpha Relational Dynamics is really good for this.

    Second in order to get a deep understanding of the Propeht’s (sws) personality you need to study the seerah and the sunnah is condensed and synergystic way. I’ll share the resources I use for this, but more then any one resource look at the combination and you will understand what I mean by getting a wholsitic understanding of our Messenger (sws). Also just repeatedly using these same resources gives me a growing understanding. I never exhaust the insights I can get from this combination. Roohani fez.

    1. Shamail al Tirmidhi by the student Imam at NYU done after Fajr one Ramdan. This covers all the very personal and intmate details of the Prophet’s behavior.
    2. The life of Muhhumad (sws) by Imam Anwar a Awlaki. This is divded into the Meccan and Madani period. And covers the entire Seerah with immense love and connection. You can feel the Imam’s connections to out Messenger (sws).
    3. 21 Teaching methods of the Propeht (sws). Covers the communication style of our Messengers (sws).
    4. I have a nasheed that covers the 99 names of our Messenger (sws). I meditate to that often. Not as often as I should. My intention is to do hifz and study Arabic in Pakistan. It will be more beanficial if I listen to it during that period.
    5. Also some urdu resources in case you are able to access them. Halqa-e-yaraan by Zaid Hamid is really good because it talks about the spirutal dimensions fo connecting with the Prophet (sws). Anything by Dr. Israr Ahmed is my primary resources for this because he fouses of the very essence of the seerah.
    6. Also the talks by Imam Anwar al awlaki on the four rihtly guided Khaliphas is also very good, because it gives you a context of the Prophet (sws) in relationship to other individuals.
    7. Lastly and perhaps most importantly for this discussion there is talk by Sheik Ahemd Ali on YouTube concerning marriage which talk about the Prophet (sws) in relationship to his wives. This on is really good. There is also a more detailed series on the same topic by Imam Shuaib Webb, but with the highest respect he is not my favorite sheik. And I would have liked the series better if there was less interpretive space between actual hadith.

    Syed Jallal Ali

  4. Dear brother Syed
    Thank you sooo much (JazakaAllah Khair)!
    I am so happy that Allah (S.T.) has sent you on my way. I haven’t met you yet, but I love you for sake of Allah, dear brother. I am so happy to have a brother like you.
    May Allah (S.T.) bliss you with your knowledge, life and your possessions and give you the highest ranks in Jannat.
    Your brother Ramal

  5. Ameen.

    May we meet in the green gardens under which rivers flow with our wives, and what our right hand possesses.

    Your brother Jallal

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