Power Moments


Dear Men,

The following videos clearly represent the dynamics of power. In order for us to successfully enslave submissive women, we must thoroughly grounded in an understanding of these dynamics. See if you can identify the party who exerted there dominance, and which party went into passive submission. It is possible that the power struggle continues past the end of the clip.

We are really excited about Shark Tank. One of the best resources for grounding yourself in power dynamics to be found in western media. This guy is completely unreactice and perfectly maintains his power. This is especially impressive, because the entire situational context places him in the submissive lower status position. He is standing before a panel of high power sharks used to exercising authority upon others. They are wearing thousands of dollars of clothing and jewelry on their person, while seated on subtle thrones. The whole purpose of the set up for him to convince them that his idea is worthy of investment. And the guy takes control of all of them. Props.

Don Corleone, the Godfather, is an almost mythical figure symbolizing power in popular culture. In this scene he is surrounded by some of the most powerful, dangerous, and ruthless men in his world, whose interests directly oppose his. Yet observe how effortlessly he takes control of the situation, clearly states what he wants, establishes consequences for crossing the line he is drawing, and seals the deal with an embrace.

In the first power moment from Shark Tank, we saw that the situation was such that the entrepreneur  had to convice the Sharks. However in this clip we see the tables turned, and the sharks convincing the Entrepreneur. The physical and situational positioning is exactly the same, but there is a shift in the psychological positioning. Suddenly entrepreneur  is the one with higher status, so you can see her “Domming” the pannel, as they compete for her approval.

This clip is interesting, because there is a conflict amongst the sharks. You can see that they are engaging in conflict, but none of them lose evan an atom of their power.

Refusal, when your principles dictate refusal, despite emotional influence to the contrary.


Syed Jillal

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