New Year’s Eve: Western Society’s Yearly Mating Ritual

Dear Men,

Glamour magazine’s Jessica Harlow posted the following Makeup on her Youtube channel entitled, New Year’s Eve Party Makeup Tutorial. I really enjoyed her almond jasmine eyes, and nude lips. Though she may have put on too much gloss on her lips. Try the following experiment. Watch the tutorial, it really is quite enjoyable. If you pay attention to her talking and mannerism, you will realize how submissive her behavior is. It’s like she nervously preparing herself for a opportunity on which the meaning of her life depends. This compulsive self beautification is a natural biological submissive behavior. The only reason for this behavior is to produce sexual pleasure for the man.

Think about it. The subjects want to please the King. The employees want to please the Boss. And the woman wants to please the man. Dominion. Employment. Biology. You can’t blame the the institution. Its the nature of the thing. If women are evolutionarily adapted, biologically designed,  to seek the pleasure of men, then that is a naturally occurring Dominant submissive relationship, unequal by its very nature. Women cannot be equal to men. To say so is a frustration of their very natures. Watch this video and tell me that that it’s not true.



Syed Jilla Ali


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