Jessica Harlow: A Natural Woman

Dear Men,

Jessica Harlow was recently named one of “Youtube’s Rising Women of Power” by Forbes. Jessica produces beauty and fashion tutorials for her Youtube channel. She has dominated the highly competitive niche with 392,000 subscribers, and 64 millions video views. Posting her first video in 2009, she has already earned herself a position at Glamour Magazine. She is the co-host of Glamour Mag’s show “Elevator Makeover”. Her audience consists of young fertile sexually available women in the United States. Exactly the type of submissive women you want to enslave and own.

The following video on makeup is the demonstration of a very common female submissive behavior. Jessica is preparing herself for a man for whom she is sexually available. She is beautifying herself for the sexual pleasure of the the man. The physical beauty of Jessica is only the expression of her genetics which have adapted to the sexual preferences of men over millions of years. Evan her genetic composition is in a submissive position relative to your genetic composition. The behavior of self beautification, Jessica doing her makeup, is also a an act of submission to the man designed to achieve his sexual pleasure. Etiquette and protocol are only observed in the presence of a source of power. Seeing the King is always a formal occasion.

Men are supposed to dominate women. When a natural submissive woman is actually sexually aroused she feels like she is fulfilling the purpose of her life. Nature has designed it that way. Because to be a mother is her biological destiny. Feminist and the idea of equality between the sexes inhibit a woman’s ability to achieve his profoundly fulfilling state of sexual arousal. When a woman can actually feel this in a response to her man, she will do anything to keep that relationship alive. The problem with modern heterosexual relationships is that the man cannot actually induce this profound arousal in her. She is inhibited. She is clinging to feminist ideas that inhibit the behavior that would lead to her arousal.

Sincerely ,

Syed Jillal

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