SNSD: Natural Women

 girls generation snsd wallpaper 2

Dear Men,

Women are by there very nature submissive. It is a biological imperative. When she acts dominant toward a man, it is only to test whether or not he is strong enough to maintain his frame. If he is, then she will gladly turn around, and bend over. I say this no to be crass, but to emphasize the point. Maintaining your dominant frame is what she wants you to do. She is testing only to confirm that you will do so. She is testing in the hope of verifying your frame, not in the hope of falsifying it.

Western culture has increasingly obscured the true submissive nature of women. Sadly most men would not evan be able to recognize submissive female behavior. This is why we will be presenting content in the submissive girls category that will make make men cognitive of female submissive behavior, and give them the power to invoke it in women.

To be feminine is to be submissive. Every act of beautification is an expression of her subconscious desire to please. Her natural physical beauty is an expression of her genetics adapting to sexually please men. Nature has designed her your pleasure, not to intimidate you.

With this idea in mind I would like you to try an experiment. The following videos are of SNSD (Girl’s Generation), a south korean pop band. Though you may not understand the verbal language of their music, I want you to observe their behavior. Each member behaves as a natural submissive girl should behave. Contrast their behavior with the behavior of women that you meet in the western world. This is not about cultural differences. This is about nature and the perversion of nature.

SNSD Full Daum Screensaver Preview

This video is pure feminine submissive behavior from beginning to end. This is the way women should be behaving around you, and the behavior should become increasingly exaggerated the more she is sexually turned on by you.

All My Love is For You

This video is more about the deep devotion a natural submissive woman can feel for her man, rather than a more flirtatious surface level interaction. When I use this video to ground myself into the natrual sexual dynamic my mental frame is that 11 of my submissive female slaves have gathered in an elegant european home to give song to there devotion to me, and their sadness over my absence.

I Got a Boy

This video presents a clear contrast between the natural submissive response a woman has to her man, and then the socially contrived western attitude. The girls go back and forth between the two during the course of the video. When they are in the slumber party room they are behaving natrually. When they are in the red and gold dance room, they are unnatural. Forget the fact that you don’t understand korean. Observe the contrast in tonality and behavior in the two alternating locations.


Syed Jillal

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