Kezia Noble: Valuable Property

Dear Men,

You don’t need to watch the entire video below. It is set to play from 1 minute and 30 seconds into it. At that point, Kezia talks about how willing women are to live out a man’s fantasy as long as he is completely unapologetic about them.

You should translate this to yourself as, women are completely willing to be in bondage to you, so long as you maintain that it is perfectly natural. Which of course given our feminist society, it is. And you should calmly explain it to her.

On a side note, Kezia product Deep Connection, used to be one of the resources I frequented often. It is more relevant to forming deep meaningful friendships with people, rather than enslaving women. I haven’t used  Attraction to Seduction, the product that this video is designed to market, so I cannot recommend or critique it. Kezia does have a very good understanding of practical masculine feminine dynamics, and 95% of her dating advice is solid. She speaks genuinely from her own experience as a woman, and massive amounts of observation. However her philosophical grounding for interpreting that experience is slightly off, and she sometimes says things which displease me. Her objective is to make men successful in dating women, not to make men succesful in enslaving submissive females. Regardless she herself would make an excellent female slave. With her profound understanding of other women, I would use her as a one of my switch’s to mange, and dom my harem in my absence.

Though her talents would be better used to spread Dominant submissive ideas in soceity. Consider the impact that the one public known enslavement and collaring of Kezia Noble could have on the culture of the western world. Our movement needs Dominant men to refrain from the low hanging fruit, and pursue the public enslavements of women with varying degrees of celebrity. 

Syed Jillal

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