You the Boss: A Study in the Dynamics of Power

Dear Men,

Rap is all about control, domination, and the ability to produce massive financial success for yourself. A popular theme that is emergent in rap culture the idea of “be the boss”. In this post we will be presenting a video that will ground you in the “Boss-ho” style of the Dominant-submissive dynamic. Though any relative polarization of status always induces natural physiological arousal in a female submissive, this style is heavily grounded in rap sub culture of the broader western culture, and therefore is more artificial than most of the dynamics I teach. It is still highly effective for dominating and enslaving female submissives. In this post I will present the music video You the Boss by Rick Ross featuring Nicki Minaj that represent dominant submissive dynamics in heterosexual relationships, and provide an analysis of the lyrics. The objective is for you to become extremely well grounded in the dynamics of power, cognizant of sources of power in your own experience, and comfortable exercising your power upon others. In other words, I want you to be the boss.

You the Boss by Rick Ross featuring Nicki Minaj

[Intro: Rick Ross]
In the world of so many, baby girl you are that one
I deserve that, I deserve you

A dominant man’s recognition that there are plenty of women in the world, but that his chosen “baby girl” is the one that is special. This is followed by an affirmation of his entitlement to her. His high status, Bossness, is conveyed by his acknowedlgment of an abundance of women, his judgment and designation that she is better than the others, and his fearless affirmation of entitlement. Let look at the rest of  You the Boss lyrics.

[Hook: Nicki Minaj]
I’d do anything that you say, anything
Cause you the boss

A feminine submissive voice responding to his choosing her and his affirmation of his own entitlement, with an admission of her own submission. She will do anything he says. Anything. Why? Cause she knowns he’s the Boss.

You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss (uh)
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah (uh)
You the boss
You, you, you the boss (boss)
You the boss (boss)
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah

A feminine voice repeatedly affirming his high status, his Boss nature. Of course as a true Dominant, or Boss, your inner state would be completely unaffected by her affirmations. Ideally she is repeatedly praising you to deepen her own devotion to you, not to boost you up.

[Rick Ross:]
Rozay a born stunna
I can blow money (uh)
50 when I’m shoppin
That ain’t no money (uh)
I got ma jeans saggin
Money stuffed in em
I got 40 whips
Way too much in em
I need me a queen
I need me a dime
Livin this fast life
Just show me a sign

He affirms his own natural born charisma. He affirms his own ability to provide a near infinite supply of resources. When he admits his needs for a queen, he lyrically falls below being an absolute dominant, because he is acknowledging a dependency upon another, i.e.  his queen. He repeats this lyrical when he says he needs a dime. And again repeats it when he asks her to “show me a sign”. This is a form of asking her permission to do something. Also a violation of being a true dom. Remember independence in an absolute state.

I’m a g
I’m, I’m I’m, I’m a g
Took her from that lame
Put her on that condo on that beach
All she needs
A, a, a, all she needs
Is a boss on my level
Who provides her every need (need)
All I fiend is a queen in my presence
I can hold her till I die
Couple g’s in a bezzle

Here his affirmation of himself, “I’m a g” is dominant. Him claiming responsibility for taking her and putting her in a condo is also dominant. Whereas saying something like “I let her come to the condo would be submissive”. Dominance is completely about control and responsibility. Defining her needs as himself is also very dominant. If he is all that she needs, than she is designed for him. This is the source of the natural higher status of men over women. The physical beauty of a woman is only an expression of her genetics adapting to the evolutionary need to please men. Every act of self beautification is am expression of a subconscious desire to please men.

Defining himself as capable of providing for all her needs is very dominant. No supplicating and saying he will provide for her, but only affirming that he can provide for her.

When he uses the phrase “All I fiend is a queen”, he is at once acknowledging that he only has one need, which limits his submissiveness (dependence), while not eliminating it. The word fiend in this context, has the meaning “addicted to”. All addiction is dependency. One can fiend for adrenaline, drugs, or a woman. In all cases to be a fiend, is to be dependent. To be fair, rap artists often take poetic licensee with words. He may have intended the meaning desire.

The lyric “I can hold her till I die” is also very interesting. The word “can” is dominant in that he is affirming his capacity, but the phrase “hold her till I die” reveals a thought is his mind which is very attached to her presence being perpetual until his death. The Dominant cares for his submissive, but is not attached to her. He cares for her needs, but his essential self remains unaltered whether she exists, or not. The following lyric “Couple g’s in a bezzle” is also an admission that what he wants is for them to be co-dominant together, rather then her being submissive to him.

You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss (uh)
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah (uh)
You the boss
You, you, you the boss (boss)
You the boss (boss)
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah
You the boss
You, you, you the boss, yeah

A feminine voice repeatedly affirming his high status, his Boss nature. Again as true Dominant, or Boss, your state would be completely unaffected of her affirmations. Ideally she is repeatedly praising you to deepen her own devotion to you.

[Rick Ross:]
Still runnin the streets cause everyday I’m hustlin
Double my winnin in the streets is lovin it
All this paper comin
And my baby touchin it
I pinned her to the wall
You know this boy be bustin it

Here the word “Hustlin” can be taken to mean making an effort to produce results, and the tonality and context of the following lyrics provide that he is successful in doing so. This production of results is very high status, dominant and boss like. He is enjoying winning. His pulling value toward himself. He isn’t “chasing paper”. Paper is coming to him. His girl is experiencing this value in a state of awed submission. He takes advantage of her submission by pinning her to the wall, and “bustin it”.

Fur coast in the winter
Look like a polar bear
Stuntin in the snow
These haters, they can go somewhere
Indoor pool
Outdoor pool
Indoor court
Talkin ray j moves
7 rolls royces
Pink slips like a boss
Champagne on her body
Time to lick it off
Me and baby girl are winning combination
Ownership is my conversation
I’m a boss

He wears fur coats which have conveyed high status since the era of Medieval European Monarchy. He procedes to give hsi haters permission to go to the list of places he owns. He convey his boss status with the symbol of 7 roll royces. The word Champagne serves the same purpose. The phrase ‘winning combination” indicates his intention to be high status together with her again, rather than for her to be submissive to him. Ownership is an extremely dominant thing to be preoccupied with in conversation. And he affirms himself to be the boss.

Nicki Minaj

You can take it anyway you want to
Daddy I promise that I would never disappoint you
Just watch how I make it my motherfuckin point to
Get a raise (uh)
Get a raise (uh)

She offer her submission to him. She is willing to give him what he wants, any way that he wants it. She reveals desperation by pledging never to disappoint. And acknowledge that her single minded focus is to sexually please him.

Hey daddy won’t you come and be my boss
Let me work it for you with no days off
Hey daddy won’t you come and be my boss
With no days off (uh)

She asks him to come be her boss, because she knows that he can be a boss with or without her. She acknowledges her extremely submissive desire to work it for him with no days off. Which is essentially saying that she want to be his obedient female slave. Hope this helped.

Overall Rick Ross maintains dominance and control over every aspect of life he describes. The only place he falls short is actually describing his dominance and control over the submissive. He repeatedly affirms his relationship to everything with her as a co-dominance. While Nicki maintains a perfect submissive role throughout the song. This is very reminiscent of a King Queen dynamic. Though the King treated the Queen with every courtesy, it was always know that the King held absolute power over her. And though the Queen dominated any of the subjects within the King’s domain, she was submissive and yielded to the King. Sometimes the King disciplined his Queen, while maintaining her dignity over his other subjects.

All power within a King’s domain is invested by the King. And the relative status and power of his subjects is determined by the varying degrees of the love he bears them. You can learn more about this dynamic at Jane Seymour: A Study in the Dynamics of Power.


Syed Jillal

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