The Perfect Master

Dear Men,

When the Perfect Master intends for something to happen, he only says to it “Be” and it is. He has the power to instantaneously produce any result He intends. However sometimes He allows His female slave to serve Him, and to carry our His command through a process or struggle. The more sincere and greater the struggle by his female slave, the greater His pleasure. Because He has the power to instantly produce any result He intends, evan giving His female slave the opportunity to serve is a gift that she should appreciate. It is this very power, and independence from any need, that makes Him worthy of her submission, and her to serve Him.

Not only does the Perfect Master design His life exactly as he intends it, but also is in complete control in every single moment. He decides what will happen, and what will not happen. He can either instantaneously exercise His own power to produce a result, or he can grant His female slave the opportunity to serve Him. For Him either choice is equally effortless. And because the source of all power for the female slave is her Master, evan her eventual victory will only come when He invest her with the power to succeed. Just as the opportunity to serve Him should be appreciated, successfully serving Him should be even more greatly appreciated.

The Perfect Master is independent of all conditions. Her does not need the presence of materials, or certain circumstances to produce His intended results. Rather His own being is sufficient for Him to exercise absolute power, and produce a result. When His female slave fully realizes the significance of His power, she begs Him for the fulfillment of all her needs. In order to fulfill her need he may choose to exercise His own power, command once of his other slaves to fulfill  her needs, or he may decide that she needs something other than what she is asking for.

In the Perfect Master series of articles I will be featuring one individual who I believe has achieved perfect mastery in their own chosen fields. Here is some cool content on Bruce Lee.


Syed Jillal Ali

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