Ladies Against Feminism


Dear Men,

Total power exchange is an exaggerated form of the natural less polarizing Dominant submissive dynamic that has always occurred in heterosexual relationships. The emergence of bondage type relationships in our society is a reaction against feminism which suppresses both the intrinsic biological tendencies of both men and women. And like any natural drive, suppression will only lead to exaggerated expression later. The psychological need of integrity may be the most profound. The dichotomy between the dominant feminist social woman, and the obedient slave biologically repressed woman, must be reconciled. The cognitive dissonance resultant because of  this personality split is directly responsible for the rise of psychological disorders in women and female suicide in the last 50 years. While the vast majority of women immersed in western culture fall into the category of psychologically sick, there are still a few healthy natural women out there. These are still the type of women who can be married, rather than enslaved. I only wished to acknowledge these ladies, and to advance their cause. They are providing a natural woman’s response to feminism. Read more about the Ladies Against Feminism, and share their articles.laf

Syed Jillal

One response to “Ladies Against Feminism

  1. Even women can understand that this feminism is not good. They want to rule as males only when they get profit from that. They say “I’m a woman” when they are in need and : “Don’t treat me like that cause i’m a woman” Man i hate that!

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