Dear Men,

Rule by the consent of the people may be a modern ideal, but it has always been a natural truth. Revolution, then is only a removal of consent. A recognition that the governing institution no longer possesses moral authority. Revolution is return to the natural state. A reassumption of the powers that had been temporarily invested in the governing institution.

Revolution is not resistance, defiance, or opposition. Rather it is a return from madness to reason. And that which is reasonable is self evident. The small minded cowardly masses will always prefer the power of the mob, over the self evident truth. Those that choose to deceive themselves are only smaller tyrants, and therefore must be subject to the risk of consequences. Concern for the cowardly cannot stop the revolutionary from reassuming the state of reason, for the tyrant at the top is himself only a bigger coward. One that requires larger acts of oppression to satisfy his insecurity.

Revolution must proceed not to eliminate tyrants, but to eliminate tyranny. It is tendencies in human behavior that must be removed from the society, not particular individuals.


A slave to my purpose

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