Extreme Dominance: Owning it like a Boss

Dear Men,

The perpetual suppression of submissive sexual urges in the female population living in the part of the world afflicted by western culture has resulted in the need for extreme dominance in men. The emergence of books like 50 shades of Grey by E.L. James, and songs like You the Boss by Rick Ross featuring Nicki Minaj, demonstrate the formation of a Hegelian Antithesis within the group mind in reaction to the thesis of feminism.

The successive waves of feminism have only succeeded in destroying the family in the western world with increasing effectiveness. As well gradually raising the rate of female suicide. What started as the feminist movement has become a sickness that spreads with the western culture as cancer over the surface of the planet. A true dom is the natural enemy of radical feminists.

Hegelian Dialectics

Hegelian dialectics describes the process of refinement that the group mind of humanity has been undergoing since the dawn of time. First a thesis arises in the culture. This thesis is then developed and all its logical consequences are established. Some of the consequences of the thesis result in absurdities. The absurdities cause a reaction against the thesis, also known as the antithesis. Thus history takes a turn in the opposite direction, the antithesis is then developed and all its logical consequences are established. Some of the consequences of the antithesis also result in absurdities. Theses absurdities also cause a reaction against the antithesis, also known as the synthesis. The synthesis is sufficient for the stability of society, until another novel thesis emerges in the group mind, or human culture. Thus this process of dialectical refinement of human culture has continued, and will continue until the last days of mankind.
Feminism is a thesis which has emerged in western culture. This thesis was developed and all its logical consequences were established. The absurd consequential destruction of the woman, the man, the heterosexual relationship, the family unit, and the society have resulted in a reaction against the thesis of liberal feminism, the antithesis of total power exchange. In accordance with the dialectic this antithesis of total power exchange, or female bondage, must be fully developed, all its logical consequences must be established. What the synthesis of liberal feminism, and total power exchange will yield is not our present concern. Our present concern is to learnt to display extreme dominance over women. Here’s a good resource to get you started.

On an interesting side note Hegel also developed a Master slave dialectic. You can read about Hegel Master slave dialectic on wikipedia.

Total Power Exchange and the Psychology of Being Dominated by Men

We are in the period of the dialectic where the thesis of total power exchange must be fully developed, and all the implications to heterosexual relationships must be fully explored. We as a culture must recognize that the experiment of feminism was an utter failure, a self destructive torture that women inflicted upon themselves and the rest of the human race. The success of the Romance novel, which can be defined as a vivid story exploring Dominant submissive dynamics under various circumstances, amongst women grudgingly reveals that women are naturally submissive, and thus desire to be dominated by men.a8e50d2011a619fc7e7c56ef8f8902cf More and more women are realizing this truth of their own submissive female natures.

50 Shades of Grey, a bondage filled romance novel, has been number 1 on the New York Times best seller list for the last 10 weeks. Followed in number 2 and 3 by it’s own two sequels. The following interview with the 50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James documents the spread of Dominant submissive relationships in western culture.

Christian Grey’s character  clearly demonstrates how to be a dom. Evan socially dominant women such as celebrities and movie stars allow themselves to be dommed by this fictional character. Kristen Stewart the star of Twighlight the was blushing with turn on.

The series has millions of women realizing there own submissive natures, and wanting to find a dom.


It is quite clear from the popularity of these books in particular and the spread of these type of ideas in western culture in general that the Dom-sub relationship is the heterosexual norm for the coming years. Dominant men are now officially in demand. Women want to be dominated by men. Adopt the psychology of a dominant man, and learn to be the boss.



Syed Jillal

P.S. Here are some my favorite videos on owning it like a Boss. A preview of coming posts. Remember the main idea is control. Control over your self, over your life, and over women. Control is simply teha ability to intentionally produce a result.

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