Behavior Modification: Stopping Inappropriate Behavior in female slaves

Dear Men,

Watching a female slave grovel for the privilege of serving me is highly gratifying. Especially when I can recall a time when I sat across her desk, in her office, interviewing for a job in her company. Watching her lower herself to her knees before me, every inch represents days of her losing more and more power to me. And me gaining more and more power over her. This process of total power exchange is extremely precious. The female submissive gradually realizing my utter dominance over her, by realizing her own utter submission. Realizing that all power belongs to me, by realizing that she is utterly helpless. Despite the depth of my female slave’s submission, slave training is a on going process. It is a process of continual refinement. What is perfected and pleasing today, will become course and displeasing tommorow. Any undesirable behavior in our female slaves can be modified using the following 4 behavior modification techniques.


Satiation Principle

To extinguish an undesirable behavior repeatedly displayed by a female, her owner may insist for her to continue displaying this type of behavior until she tires of it.

Extinction Principle

To extinguish a undesirable behavior in a female slave, her owner may ensure that she receives no rewards following the undesired act. Her owner must not give the slightest hint of his pleasure.

Incompatible Alternative Principle

To extinguish a a undesirable behavior in a female slave, you may reward an alternative action that cannot be displayed at the same time as the undesired behavior.

Punishment Principle

To extinguish an undesirable behavior in a female slave, deliver a unpleasant or painful stimuli as an immediate consequence to the undesirable behavior. Because punishment results in a reaction of increased hostility and aggression, it should be using sparingly until the slave has been trained to be perfectly submissive, and reached a point of learned helplessness.

Syed Jillal

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