How do I find a Dom?

Twenty five million times a month a woman somewhere on the planet googles, “How do I find a Dom?“. Women want to be in a Dom and submissive style relationship. They are already in the process of find a Dom. These repressed women want to be subs for doms. Surprise! Sub women want to wear our sub collars. The term submissive female is a redundancy. Every repressed submissive woman on the planet wants to wear our sub collar. So stop asking yourself “Where can I find submissive women?” Open your eyes and look around.


After realizing that millions of women are looking for a Dom. I decided to create a training program for them. I am now accepting resumes for the following positions in my poly household: Sleeping Dictionary, Personnel Assistant, and Financial Asset.

Sleeping Dictionary

Description of Position: Your Dom loves to read and learn. He ascribes to theory that all learning is language acquisition. Each field of knowledge is its own dialect, which requires familiarity with both its vocabulary and particular grammar. You will serve me by constantly reading and learning on your field of expertise. You will be summoned to my bed whenever I choose to enjoy my company, and for me to learn from you.


1. A 4 year degree from a University.

2. A writing sample.

3. Two letters of recommendation.

4. Pictures of your face and body.

5. Willingness to be perfectly obedient.

Personel Assistant

Description of Position: Your Dom owns multiple marketing businesses. You will be trained by him in the tasks he currently performs. Once you have gained precession and finesses in performing your duties, you will be given full responsibility. Your will be held accountable for you responsibility. Failure will bring severe punishment. Success will bring your Dom’s pleasure and reward.


1. Resume with a proven track record of success.

2. At least two years of experience.

3. Two recommendation letters.

4. Pictures of face and body.

5. Willingness to be perfectly obedient.

Financial Asset

Description of Position: You are a wealthy female sub, who wishes to surrender herself and her property to her Dom. You will be allowed to continue your economically prosperous activity, but will surrender all profits to your Master.

1. Yearly Income of at least 60k.

2. A track record of earning this minimum for at least two years.

3. Pictures of face and body.

4. Willingness to be perfectly obedient.

Applications will only be responded to if you are worthy.


Syed Jillal Ali

 Dear Slave Women,

8 responses to “How do I find a Dom?

  1. Your google statics are a bit of an exaggeration, but perhaps the truth is even more interesting. The search term “sex slave” is found nearly everywhere in the world, but “submissive girl” is found only in USA, Canada, and UK. Why? Because those are where girls have been indoctrinated to not be submissive. Everywhere else they are submissive so nobody searches for that. Fortunately understanding this it is much easier to break her frame.

    • The statistics themselves are what they are, perhaps the interpertation that many of them are not repeated searched by one individual would have been an exaggeration. But if you read carefully, you will find that my language does not imply this claim.

      Despite you error in analysis, your observation is quite apt.

  2. The search for “where can i find a Dom”
    Could be pussy wipped men searching for Dom Women

  3. haha Unfortunately with current state of affairs that is quite possible. Things are getting out of hand. Only a God fearing individual with power enforcing the Divine law with wisdom can give justice to mankind. Peace and prosperity can only follow such justice. This is my part in the struggle to reestablish the Vice-regency. This type of struggle is the only one that individuals who surrender themselves to the will of God living in the West should engage in. Evan a few thousand brothers could have massive influence.

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