How do I find a Submissive?

Are you one of thousands of men who type into Google the query, “How do I find a submissive?“, every single day? If you are looking for a female submissive, there are submissives all around you. Half the human species to be more precise. Women all around you are dyeing for submissive training. So that they can return to living as a natural submissive female. All girls are submissive, and want a man to be a submissive for. Dominant and submissive dynamics are the only thing that can satisfy you and her.

Dear Masters and slaves,


If you are new to art of enslaving women, and have yet to collar your first female slave, you are probably wondering, “How do I find a submissive?”. The fact is that all women are submissive. There are 4 steps to finding your first submissive female.

1. First you need to clearly define the type of female slave you want. This clarity will make it much easier to find the right type of female submissive. If you walk into Whole Foods clearly knowing you want some pears, then they will be easy enough to find. Otherwise you mite wonder aimlessly. Think of North America as one huge slave market. Do you want a loving Daddy-daughter dynamic? A metaphysical Dominant-submissive dynamic? A historical Master-slave dynamic?  Western culture suppresses the natural feminine desire to display submissive behavior toward men that they find attractive, and suppresses the natural masculine desire to display dominant behaviors toward women that they find attractive.Various people sublimate these behaviors in slightly varied ways.

This suppression of natural courtship and sexual behavior results in deep unconsciousness drives for exaggerated forms of Dominant-submissive relationships. All men and women in western culture experience this to various degrees. These deeply unconscious socio-sexual drives are dammed up. Triggering them releases a tidal wave of sexual energy. The trigger to the dam is embodying the specific dominant role that you wish to occupy in relation to these women. Begin interacting with society from that embodiment. Be the Dominant. Be the Master. Etc. Some people will not like it. However, you will begin finding the type of women who you trigger.
2. Second you need to frequent the place where this type of girl can be found. Once you are clearly embodying the Dominant role you want to play, it will quickly become obvious to you the type of girl who likes to play the complimentary role. These girls will tend to circulate in the same social circles, and hang out in the same type of places. You need to spend more time in these places, embodying the Dominant role you have defined for yourself. Here are some examples.

Guru-sanyasin (Go to the yoga studio)

Teacher-student (Go anywhere you know more about the main idea, then the females who go there)

Master-slave (Any place with highly intellectual women who are educated about history)

3. Third you need to define the dynamic that you want to exist between this paricular female slave and yourself.
4. Fourth you need to be able to learn how to get any woman to go into blissful compliance, and trigger her “Naughty Girl Complex.” These two skills are fundamental. The pear was designed to be eaten for its juices to run down your mouth. You just need to know how to take a big bite.

How do I find a a submissive? Example 1:

1. A slave is a tool. And every tool is acquired and used for a purpose.
Say you just started a premed program at a University. Two years from now you will be taking the MCAT. You are 18. You want a intelligent, preppy, gorgeous, well connected, already accepted into medical school, sleeping dictionary who will tutor you in bed.
Instead of spending hours with books or lectures, you want a beautiful girl simultaneously flirting with you, and teaching you sciences. Of course you will still have to do practice problems, but at least you won’t be alone in the library. She can’t be a sophmore, she won’t have been accepted yet. She can’t a senior because she won’t be around when you take the test. A Junior will be just rite.

2. This type of perfect specimen of college student elite won’t be caught in a coffee shop, or in one of the more public part of the library.
She will be found with her nose in a book secluded in some isolated part of the library. Though even there she will look glamorous.

3. Remember you want to have absolute power over her, but you also want to enjoy her personality. You want flirtatious brilliance, not surrendered sex toy. At least for this scenario. So you want her to be happy, expressive, flirtaioious. Think “Your Body is a Wodnerland”, not “I’m a slave 4 you”. I actually put a soundtrack to my enslavements. It really helps set a dnamic. The fewer the songs the better. Helps keep the dynamic more clearly defined. You want a very subtle collaring. If any.

4. Here you want to maintain a type of youthful masculine dominance, but stay playful and not so serious with her. Don’t go full on dom. Yet she should now that that your purpose in relation to her is to mutually enjoy her company, while she teaches you the subject matter. Those are the clear parameters of the relationship. Nothing more. Nothing else. In order to create this dynamic you need to become familiar with power dynamics. You can check my Power Dynamics store, or RESOURCES TO HELP YOU GAIN ABSOLUTE POWER OVER HER.

How Do I find a Submissive? Example 2:

1. Say you own your own a marketing company. You need an intern or assistant, but don’t have the budget to pay for one. Yet you are looking for the highest quality assistant possible.

2. You need to frequent the more upscale coffee shops found in the business district of your city, business networking events, or even hold interviews offering a ver lucrative salary.

3. Remember in this situation you are asking a woman who could normally demand a very high wage for her services to provide them for you for nothing. In this case you want to have absolute power over her. You want a combination of surrendered sex toy + corporate secretary + fashionista. You want a subtle collar that can be worn indiscriminately with her buisness suits. But you don’t want the fact that it is a collar to be pussy fooled around at all. She should now.

4. You want to the absolute source of power in her life that she is constantly seeking to appease. She should have not other man in her life. No other male friends. Her RAS should be constantly focused on fulfilling your desires. Using her body and her mind for your purposes. She is an agent of your intentions.

How to find a submissive wrap up. I use this 4 step method “casing an enslavement”. At any given time I have multiple cases that I am working on. Anything I want to experience in life I find a female submissive to experience it through.

Syed Jillal Ali


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36 responses to “How do I find a Submissive?

  1. There is a distinction between a healthy girl who is submissive by nature, and a slave. The phrase “submissive girl” is redundant. A psychologically healthy girl, or a submissive requires a relationship characterized by romantic heterosexual companionship which is usually associated with marriage and creating a family.

    However a slave is a psychologically unhealthy girl. Because of societies expectations she has repressed her submissive drives since adolescence. These subconscious drives have now been sublimated into fantasies of being completely powerless in relation to a man with perfect control over her. This type of girl will not be satisfied with romance, or marriage. She needs you to completely humiliate her. Only someone without any power will allow themselves to be completely degraded. Once, you do so than you will be the fulfiller of her fantasies. From this point you may choose to have children with her, but the dynamics will never be that of a traditional family. The healthiest way to raise the children is to be truthful. There mother was a slave, and their father was a free-man, so they are free.

  2. You have a muslim name.. Do you ever question your moral values when you are fornicating.. also I HATE when a woman tries to be dominant.. i CAN NOT stand it.. it LITERALLY turns me off..
    The only thing holding me back are my moral values…and therefore my hesitation to do whatever i like freely.

    • No man wants to be used and tossed aside by his woman. If a woman tries to dominate him, he will retaliate against her. Female dominance can be used against women.

  3. Dear Fellow Master,

    I do not fornicate. In the Divine law revealed by God to mankind, he has ordained two distinct lawful sexual relationships. Marriage, and bondage.
    Any self-respecting man, as most morally virtuous men are, hates a woman attempting to be dominant. It is repulsive. Despite her feminine form, she displays man-like behavior. The off-putting is very understandable.
    Unfortunately because of the spread of feminism, and immodesty in global culture by a media that is controlled by the elite whose agenda is to gain power over the rest of mankind, women are increasingly influenced to behave against there submissive and modest natures, causing irreducible cognitive dissonance. The suppression and accumulation of submissive drives in the subconscious is sublimated into fantasies of being powerless before a man who has absolute control over her. These fantasies are characterized by the man completely humiliating her is some way as symbol of her helplessness before him.
    As a Muslim, there is no conflict for me enslaving women of a nation who are at war with the Muslims. My citizenship is a contract between me and the people of this nation, that I will abide by their constitution, and not seek to harm any of my fellow countrymen. I may be from the same country, but the only nation to which I belong is the Muslim Ummah. Forgive my bluntness, but I would suggest that you not be judged by God as a member of this nation either. The constitution only limits me for enslaving women who do not serve freely, or making involuntary slaves. However, because the women of this nation secretly fantasize about bondage relationships it is not difficult to find women who will voluntarily give themselves to me as slaves, despite full disclosure of what that entails.
    Lastly, in Muslim ethics there is no distinction between pleasing God [the objective of the Muslim in every moment of life] and obedience to His Messenger (sws), who said,

    “Whoever revives an aspect of my Sunnah that is forgotten after my death, he will have a reward equivalent to that of the people who follow him, without it detracting in the least from their reward.”

    I believe I am reviving a forgotten aspect of his sunnah which seriously needed today. The islamic way of life knows itself to be a divinley revealed solution to mankind’s individual and collective problems. When I seek a solution, I seek it within revelation, or the example of the man to who revelation was sen. These sources have never failed to produce a actionable solution.

    Syed Jillal

  4. Firstly, I am glad you are aware of the global situation, i too have extensive knowledge of it through several years of research of this duniya. I respect your point of view brother, and i understand why you believe what it is that you believe. But there are priorities within what is allowed, what is preferred and what is forbidden.

    You are focusing on what is preferred and forgetting the higher priority of protecting your own awrah (Haya) from unmarried women, which i do realise is very difficult in this society, This is another reason why the prophet S.a.w. mandated in Hadith that every man who can, should grow a beard (atleast the chin) the rest is sunnah.

    I do believe that women have a submissive nature, and i myself use to be a misguided muslim, and i was able to make the most arrogant and bitchy Girl/Woman submissive to me. I would let them play their act initially then when i knew i had them where i wanted them i would put my foot down and they would be mine even after i made them cry, critisized them reasonably and physicially.

    I would not agree with your statement of enslaving girls being something a muslim should be doing to bring back sunnah, as i beleive
    those who were kept by his right hand were most likely women who had been slaves, and freed by him and they wanted his protection maybe.
    Or had been women who had lost their husbands fighting against the muslims possibly. (i am not too certain about these aspects, but i rather be safe than sorry) Hence i beleive in the current “modern” world to enslave a girl you must first Lower your Haya by communicating with women not belong to you, which makes you lower your Imaan and imaan being the key to Jannah, i believe that is a sure mixture for Failure in the akhirah.

    I am not offended by your bluntness as i consider yet have not taken british citizenship due to the Oath which i would have to take, proclaiming that my highest duties are to the queen and to follow the laws of the state.. that would mean abandoning Allah as Akbar.. and not following his Law. Furthermore i believe there are many other sunnahs which we as men need to focus us before thisas this might aid non believers in propogating a negative image of muslims to non muslims all over the world.

    I really would like to know your description of a female slave as you personally keep them, what method you apply to approach and how you are able to satisfy your moral dilemma. Finally what does it imply to the woman you submit that she is your slave?

    Best Wishes,

    A Brother

    • I am fully aware of priorities in the dean. For example, sending sadqa to poor countries overseas, while your adolescent children are unmarried is a mispriortazation. The haq of your children is greater, then Muslims overseas. Or when Muslim fathers in America take out loans on interest to send there children to private colleges, when they can afford to pay for public colleges is also a misprioratization. I am not a Mufti, but I do have daleel for what I claim. And in time, when the majority of the so called Ulema are incapable of dealing with the modern problems of the individual (marriage, good company, etc), and of the collective society (elimination of interest, establishment of sharia and dean, etc) it is the responsibility of every Muslim to struggle for Haq.

      Yes, protecting your Haya from women who are not Hallla for is the hukm of Allah (sbt). But the same Allah (sbt), our Raab, who made our wives Hallal for us also has made “ma malakaat aymanukum” hallal for us. And forbidding what Allah has made hallal is haram.

      [Shakir 66:1] O Prophet! why do you forbid (yourself) that which Allah has made lawful for you; you seek to please your wives; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

      All the classical tafseer scholars agree that this ayat was revealed concerning, when the the Messenger (sws) had relations with his coptic slave girl, on the day of our mother Hafsa, after sending her out to see our mother Aisha (ra).

      The Messenger (sws) owned over 30 slaves during his life time. They were all purchased, or taken as ghanima in war. The tasbih-e-Fatimah we read after every salaat, was given to her in response to a request for a slave from amongst the ghanima that was captured in battle. For a fuller discussion on the practice of taking and owning slaves by the Messenger (sws) and sahabih from authentic sources check out:

      Every sunnah is extremley important. And the most reward lies in the Sunnah that the people have abandoned. Anything that was practiced in the time of the Messenger (sws), and not made haram by wahi is hallal. It is hallal to take slaves as ghanima from a nation that is at war with the Muslims. I have a pact with this nation, because I live in there country. This pact is formulated in the constitution, and is my citizenship. The constituin prevents me from take slaves against there will, but it does not prevent me from takes slaves who desire to be slaves. Neither the sharia, nor the pact to which the nation of unbelievers that the sharia obligates me to honor prevent me from enslaving women who fantasize about it, and voluntarily consent to it. There is no moral dilemma.

      I will answer the last section of your comment in a separate box, because it requires a separate discussion.

      Syed Jillal

    • All (99.9%) western women have fantasies of being humiliated by a powerful man, as a sign of being completely helpless before him. The psychological reasons for this is a later discussion, but extremely important to your question of how to approach women. But because this fact is true, and unknown to western men, you can literally choose any woman to enslave. My preference is beautiful educated women. To me all learning is language acquisition. Every Uloom has a vocabulary and a way of using the vocabulary, a set of technical words, and a particular syntax. What better way to learn, then speaking on on one with an expert in the field. Living in Britain yo must have heard of the infamous sleeping dictionaries. Each one is unique, and has a unique set of attributes for which I chose her.

      There is a practice of the arabs of giving many names to the thing they love. They select attributes they love in a person, and name them accordingly. Latifa. Haleema. Karima. Aziza. And of course hearing these names is pleasing to the woman, and develops the characteristic even further. In addition to these names I also have functional names such as.

      My falcon. This is the type of girl who is very intelligent, and can use her mind to achieve any objective I assign her. Resting on my arm, I launch her into the air to retrieve whatever prey I want.

      My angel. This is the type of girl who knows me very well, and knows how I like thing within my domain of power. She governs the behavior of my environment, and my other slaves.

      My fox. These are girls who were extremley manipulative of men before I met them, and are very skilled at it. If a many posses something I want. They can get retrieve it for me. Etc. you get the idea.

      Know let’s discuss the method of approaching a woman with the prospect of bondage. Women are emotional creatures, and have rich imaginal lives. If you can can help them realize there fantasies you acquire a very special place in her mind. So let’s discuss what all western women fantasize about.

      It is the biological nature (fitrah) of the human species to be submissive toward the strongest social influence in her environment. If it is a man, she also feels a involuntary sexual attraction for him. Unfortunatley in the west, the culture created by TV, movies, music, etc. has become the strongest social influence. Therefore by her nature she must submit to the directive given to her by these primary sources of social influence, and to expectations of how she sould behave by others who have also been influenced by the culture. However because the behavior expected by her by these sources are contrary to her fitrah, her mind is in a constant state of irreducible cognitive dissonance. Dissonance reduction is a natural process, either by the elimination of a cognition, or behavior. However, in this case, because the dissonance is cause by a conflict between the dictates of her biology, and her entire social environment there is nothing that can be eliminated. Short of immigrating to some third world country, where western culture is not influential, and people are still natural. But even this option is usually outside of her awareness. The accumulation of the dissonance over time, and the suppression of her natural submissive drives toward men sublimate in her subconscious into fantasies of being completely powerless, and helpless before a powerful man who has complete control over her. As a sign of this helplessness he humiliates her. Why else would someone allow themselves to be humiliated, other than having no power to resist? This is the key. Recognizing that all women, especially educated women have this secret fantasy of being controlled, humiliated, and commanded by a powerful man.

      If you study the Seerah and the Sunnah, you will naturally develop the character that women will intuitively recognize as powerful. When I approach them I am careful not to look at there aura, which is below the waste for slave women. Then I discuss Islam with them. My reflection on surrender, obedience, bondage, etc. usually trigger in them those fantasies. Usually they will start discussion there fantasies with you, or responding to you in way as though you were already her Master. From there you have complete control. My first directive is to place a collar on her.

      Syed Jillal

  5. P.s …
    In this current day and age, i expect even slave girls would want to be married and have a one and only.. or are they willing to give up even these options in your opinion? 🙂

    • Nope. There fantasy is that that you, there Master have complete control, and humiliate them. They will do whatever you want.

  6. Wait… this is one giant troll website, right? You can’t possibly be serious in any of these misogynistic beliefs? And here you are seeking ‘candidates’, many of them women, for writing medically-related (MCAT) work? I hope you’re not a medical student or a doctor yourself, as your license should be revoked.

    • For finding and taking advantage of a psychological glitch in the social matrix in order to live like a King? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Moron…

  7. These are not “beliefs”, but diagnostic theories that I have verified in my own experience and the experience of hundreds of women from all walks of Western life, hypothesis that I soon hope to verify in a more rigorous fashion through strictly controlled empirical research. Passion for knowledge has rendered me a polymath. My ultimate goal in this area of my life is to “own” a beautiful collection of expert “sleeping dictionaries” in every field of knowledge in which I have interest. Each one a sort of genius tutor with whom I have deep emotional intimacy, amazing sexual experiences, mutual understanding of learning and communication styles, and complete and total trust. A mastermind group unlike any other. Almost as if is there expert knowledge and immense subjective intelligence directed by my objective intelligence would be one mind. Conscious and subconscious. Fierce falcons with immense wing spans circling the air around me as I walk through the dessert.
    Though this school of psychology is therapeutically applicable to any woman influenced by western culture to deviate from her natural behavior, I myself value educated and successful women, above merely beautiful women. However, there is no shortage of women who have both virtues. Believe it or not, my interest in this topic was motivated originally by a coupling of my immense love of learning, and my immense love of women. Everything else is only a fleshing out.

  8. I think a man has to be quite good looking, well built, preferably tall, and have a lot going in life in order to dominate women. I dont think its for most guys. If you’re successful in this perhaps you possess these qualities as well. They say every woman can be submissive but not every man can be dominant.

    My view is that women don’t mind being dominated and humbled by very desirable, high quality, influential men. They set different boundaries with different men. My view is that there is little a man can do because its up to a woman to set those boundaries. So when she is with a naturally masculine, desirable, imposing man she will bring out her feminine vulnerable side and let him dominate her. But wont take any of this dominance from a regular boyfriend/husband of hers.

    • From the very word “think” you are setting the mistaken frame that this subject matter remains in the realm of opinion. The psychological Domination and control of the Western Woman has long since graduated to the realm of science. There is plenty of empirical research, which you should reflect upon, but more importantly verify in your own experience. Being quite good looking (appealing to some cultural archetype, or universal aesthetic principles) well-built (having the Adonis ratio), and tall (a head or two above the average man, and no more) are only superficially helpful in the process of enslaving real women, and only really helpful in enslaving superficial women. My method of doming does not depend on these superficial socially conditioned sources of value, but rather on providing the experience of liberating her from the suppression of her natural feminine submissive drives, until the point they have been pressurized and sublimated into subconscious fantasies of bondage, humiliation, and degradation. Quite simply I know her subconscious fantasies, evoke them, and then lead her through a process of fulfilling them. It’s like scratching an unbearable itch, she’s had for years. The emotional investment she will place in you, if you can provide this experience in immense.

      Any human drive that is repressed exercises itself in an exaggerated form after reaching a certain boiling point. The superficial woman who “allows” you to treat her badly, is not psychologically enslaved to you. You are not truly her Master. She still minds your superficial dominant behavior, but puts up with it. She still feel like maintaining personnel boundaries with you, but allows them and herself to be violated in exchange for social favors such as your raising her status in society, or depositing money in her bank account. She is a type of prostitute.

      You are correct about a few things. Women are socially conditioned to set different boundaries for different levels of socially defined “success” in men. While women are by nature more influenced by social conditioning, the values conditioned by society are not identical to what her genetically produced physiology must inalienably respond to. The idea is to realize that inherent inalienably physiology is more powerful in determining a woman’s behavior, then social conditioning. It is your role to liberate her from social conditioning, and to therapeutically guide her through experiencing her fantasies in order to heal the damage caused by social repression of her feminine nature. She isn’t doing any favors by submitting to you. You are doing her a favor by giving her a type of therapy, that very few men in Western society knows she deeply needs. Any male Gorilla can develop into the alpha silverback if he lives long enough, and his physiology experiences enough survival and adaptation to the moment. Truly dominating a woman happens when her physiology dictates to her that she will obey you. It really doesn’t remain a choice. Having something going for you, being influential, high quality. All this means is having a clearly defined and commincateable vision for you like which you are pursuing with everything you have. If you have a purpose which you are in bondage to, then you are worthy of owning her in bondage. It’s that simple.

  9. I was curious. Do you dominate women who are in long term relationships with or do you have these arrangements with multiple women youre dating?

    If you dont mind, whats your nationality and ethnicity?

  10. I am a devote Muslim. Each Muslim in an individual slave and Vice-regent of God on earth, who belongs to no nation, other than the Muslim Ummah. I view the American constitution as the mutual agreement, between my fellow country men and myself. I do not belong to the American nation. Any action which in unconstitutional I will not take. Any law that is unconstitutional I will not obey.

    The Qur’an only allows me to take “ghanima” or war booty from a people who are at war with the Muslims. The women who I take in bondage are my “ghanima”. The American Constitution says I cannot compel any involuntary servitude, but it does not prevent me from making willing slaves out of women, who are willing to do anything for the experience of being with me.

    I have three women in bondage who I plan on keeping permanently, or until they wish to be freed. They are very well trained and disciplined. Basically behaving as compleltey goal oriented men in relation to the world, and falcons hunting prey for their Master in relation to me. Two are Doctors, and one is a Lawyer. They are decently beautiful, but older. Mostly, they provide me with a substantial income and lifestyle, as well as subtle access to an immensely powerful social circle.

    Also at the moment, and at any given time, I have a harem of seven to eight young college students who provide me with youthful conversation, entertainment, sexual pleasure, and education. These girls are still slaves, but I do not condition them as strongly. Only enough to protect them from societal influence, and to preserve their feminine natures. Unless they have financially promising, or academically interesting careers ahead of them, I usually give them there freedom by the time they graduate. Like I said, I’ve only found three worth keeping so far.

  11. Dear Syed, I am living in china where it is not always easy to distinguish between real submission and the education all traditional women have received. But this is another conversation. My Question for now concerns the main practical habits a man should start applying toward women if he wants to experiment results. Thank you

  12. Dear Oliver,

    The submissive feminine nature of a woman is inalienable from her, therefore all traditional societies developed along patriarchal lines. Having education and tradition facilitate the expression of the innate feminine nature is definitely beneficial for you.

    My blog is geared toward a western woman who is both competitive with men, and sexually manipulative. If these two conditions are met by any woman in your social environment, then all the psychological dynamics discussed on this blog are relevant to you. Women who live in natural social environment, such as many Asian and Middle Eastern countries will not respond to extreme dominance, because there submissive drives have not been repressed. WIth them you will have to engage in a very masculine way, with sleight flirtatious displays of dominance, rather than overt explicit displays. They are psychologically and sexually healthy. Below I’m going to list the steps to being successful with both types of these women together and separated them at the final step.

    The Natural Woman

    1. All human societies have signs of status and power that convey meaning to individuals in that society just as clearly as there spoken language. Crowns, clothes, cars, etc. All of society is a mating ritual, and these signs of status convey artificial masculine fitness. What the woman in intuitively and deeply attracted to is what these signs point to, not to the signs themselves. Masculinity. The two necessary components of masculinity are Power and Compassion. The continuos and strong display of these two qualities in your actions will be what the natural woman will respond to.
    2. Society is constantly going to try to reinforce its reality on you. You must find resources that will continuously tell you the truth, until you are able to maintain your own reality contrary to society’s signals. I suggest YouTube for researching the following concepts as much as possible. The tantric metaphysics of masculine and feminine energy. The evolutionary biology of human sexual attraction. The relationship between consciousness and probability waves in quantum theory. Start with David Deida.
    3. Continue to build this strong reality. And approach women with the sincere and well formed intentions.
    3b. For the Western Woman you will also have to study the unnatural social conditions of western society, a little bit of psychoanalysis and the social repression of human drives, and the nature of the subconscious mind. You will come to understand that women have deep fantasies of having men treat them in extremely dominant ways. Once you become comfortable with that continuo to approach women with the sincere and well formed intention of therapeutically approaching, enslaving, and training them. You will be surprised at how many will go into trance, you have triggered there subconscious fantasies.


  13. Wow, now I really am convinced that some people must be burned alive , slowly. I know perfectly there is no way I can change your mind, sir but I do hope that when you die there is a very special place for you to suffer for eternity.

  14. There is a way to change my mind. Scientific research and sound arguments. I hope you find the Truth, and when you die you enter into an eternal abode of peace.

  15. I like everything you say…..except for one thing. I was born in Krasnodar, Russia and adopted when I was 18 months old. The first 18 months of a persons life are the most vital in defining that persons personality and natural/instinctive reactions. I have been raised in America and therefore am a part of the Western Civilization….and you say that 99.9% of Western women are manipulative toward men and seek bondage out of the repression of their inner natures.
    Where then would I stand?
    Most of my instincts are survival based, would that not then lead me to be in tune with my most natural state of mind?
    I have had my share of fantasies, bondage ONLY recently due to someone bringing it up and me being curious. But I have never felt the need to use my sex as a way to manipulate another person. I have never been in a relationship since I have actually never felt extreme sexual attraction toward any man I have met.
    So where do I stand?
    I am not exactly going against my nature if nothing around me is compelling me toward bringing out that nature in the first place. I don’t pay attention to social media, I have realistic views on the power of women vs men. If anything the only thing that has hindered the existence of my feminine nature is my deep need to perfect my Art.
    Life and love come second to learning this trade, but that has not stopped me from talking to men. Yet men do not seek a relationship, either natural or bondage based with me.
    Can you answer that?

  16. It’s so sad to listen to all this.
    And 99.9% women have submissive sexual fantasies? Excuse me, but I can’t help but think this absurd. If you are so well aware of psychoanalysis and human sexual psychology, you should also be aware that sadism and masochism, dominant nature and submissive nature both exist together in every single person. They only exist in different quantities and complimenting and balancing in the same person.
    It is fine and totally alright to talking of female submission. But talking about female submission and saying it’s inalienable from her is totally absurd Sayed. Because there are many different kinds of personalities in the world. There are both submissive woman and submissive men and there are both dominant women and dominant men. Don’t bring religion and god into this. It’s about people’s personal lives.

    But apart from that, it was a nice read.

    • It’s sad that like the majority of American women, you are in denial. I am not only well versed in psychoanalysysis, but also in many of the other orientations as well (evolutionary, humanistic, behavioristic, etc). Your claim that sadistic and machosistic tendencies exist in every person needs substantiation. However, you are correct that Dominant and submissive behaviors can be displayed by any individual, but both these types of behaviors cannot be displayed by the same individual to the same other individual. Your relation to the other determines your dominance or submission toward them. Submission is not an intrinsic quality, but your relation to another.

      The essence of female sexuality is inalienable from submissiveness. A woman displaying dominance over men can never be sexually arousing to her. Even if the outward behavior, or symbols that she founds sexually arousing superficially put her in a dominant position, it is because she has been condition to experience and those behaviors as submissive.

      “They accuse of bringing religion into politics. A fact of which we are proud.”
      -Muhammad Ali Jinnah

      I do not believe in secularism. I am a Muslim. For us, every intellectual discussion in a consequence of monotheism. A part from your utter lack of awareness of your own female experience, and of the world you live in, your comment was somewhat rationale.

      • Well, firstly, I am not an American. I am from India, born in India to Indian parents and brought up in India completely.

        As for to what you call my claims, I would like to put things forth systematically so that we would not have a confused mess of arguments and hoping though hopefully not so against hope that there is some hope in you since you are not entirely averse to scientifically understanding the world.

        We have four choices, or rather four possibilities, in no particular order of priority, when it comes to the relationships between men and women. Possibility one: men being superior, which was thought to be the case for many centuries and which many still think is the case. Possibility two: women being superior, which was and still is believed by many. Possibility three: both sexes being equal and being equally important, which is also believed by many. Possibility four: it doesn’t matter a fuck who is superior or inferior, who is better or not better; nature does its work; evolution takes its course no matter what we theorize, argue or fight for or against, which is also believed by many. Every theory in the world, be it scientific, religious or philosophical, has any one or more of these four possibilities as premise, inference, implication or conclusion.

        As to sadism and masochism, masochism can be said to be sadism directed towards oneself and sadism can be said to be masochism directed towards the other. And well, it is not my claim but observation of many psychoanalysts that sadism and masochism exist in every single person. The way they manifest and the extent to which they manifest varies from one person to another. You might want names I suppose. Havelock Ellis, a contemporary of Freud, said that sadism and masochism are complementary in nature. Even without all this, it’s mere common sense that people experience sadism (towards the people, places or even concepts that wronged them ) and masochism (for reasons of guilt or the pleasure one gets when one has a sense of servility).

        As to domination and submission, well, when two individuals enter a truly blissful state with each other it does not matter who was the dominant and who the submissive was. The definitions and differences no longer exist when those two individuals transcend and become one.

        As for what men and women feel towards each other: Strength is a relative concept; Greatness is a relative concept; Intellectuality is a relative concept. Sometimes men are better and sometimes women are better. For every man there is a woman comparatively better and for every woman there is a man comparatively better.

        My lack of awareness you say? It is too foolish of you to judge people before you know them. There are as many kinds of personalities as there are number of people. Each individual is a complex set of characteristics, experiences (including familial and societal), reward, guilt, neurological interactions and other physical factors such as health.

        You cannot claim something to be true without considering other possibilities and I would like to point you towards Plato’s Allegory of Cave so that you may have more insight into your own limitations.

  17. Westerns memes have prpagted throughout Indian culture changing the value held by the majority of people in the country. This is evidenced by the change the type of movies produced in Bollywood over the last thirty years. Big fan of, “Hum aap ke Henh Konh”, and “Dill wali Dulhaniya Le jainge”. “Jism” not so much. What I said about American women is as applicable to Indian women to the degree that western memes groups such as “feminism” and “sexual liberation” have propagated throughout Indian culture. The frequency of these memes has increased. This is an objective observation. I am making the subjective value judgement that this is a negative change.

    Let’s not proceed systematically, or philosophically. Rather, let’s proceed empirically. Superiority is a value judgement. Evolutionarily we can only determine optimal design for genetic fitness.Genetic fitness being defined as the frequency with which an individual’s genes are propagated to the next generation. Obviously a male human being can reproduce off spring with much higher frequency. Therefore given a natural environment by definition men have the potential to be much more genetically fit, then females. The question of absolute superiority will always remain a value judgement. Superior design and function for a particular purpose will always be an empirical question. Evolutionary fitness being and example of the later.

    I am well versed in both relegious and secular philosophies. However, only science has the ability to stuff the truth down unwilling throats. So let’s concenr ourselves with scientific theories only.

    Your interlocking definitions of sadism and machoism are acceptable, but provide no explanatory meaning. However, this statement of yours, “And well, it is not my claim, but observation of many psychoanalysts that sadism and masochism exist in every single person.” is a textbook example of a claim. That needs substantiation in the form of cited research. The statement, “This is not my claim.” is still only a claim, until substantiated by cited research.

    Everything you wrote in P4 after the name “Havelock Ellis”, I agree with one hundred percent. The idea that sadism and masochism are complimentary is analogous and deeply interdependent with the main idea of my blog. That men and women of the same population subjected to the same social conditioning, culture, and environment will develop complementary sexual fantasies and desires. Binding and bondage. Absolute power and helplessness. Domination and surrender. To punish and punishment. To humiliate and humiliation. When natural masculinity and femininity are suppressed, they express themselves in exaggerated forms.

    “As to domination and submission, well, when two individuals enter a truly blissful state with each other it does not matter who was the dominant and who the submissive was. The definitions and differences no longer exist when those two individuals transcend and become one.” Yes, I fully agree with this. Modern western culture prevents men and women from entering this blissful state of experiencing unity and common cognition. Dominance, and submission relationships are a catharsis, and therapeutic. They heal the wounds that prevent people from entering this state. However, this stae of common cognition is an inner one. Outwardly the contrast between the masculine and feminine becomes even more exaggerated, with and obvious joy arising out of the interplay. Listen to some “Gunjan” on iTunes.

    -P3 does not really merit a response. Other then we have a philosophical difference. For a Muslim, Strength, Greatness, and Intelligence are absolute metaphysical realities. And one participates in these realities to the degree of humility one cultivates in their heart relative to God. “Saleem-fitrah” women respond to Divine qualities displayed in men.

    Point of fact that I have considered massive amounts of possibilities, and continoue considering. I can only judge by what I know about you. Your previous statements gave me enough information to know that you were alienated from your own experience by intellectual ideas. It is foolish to prioritize ideas over your own existential experience. And individual is nothing more then his present instanatsntial experience. At the end of his life the value of his life can only be determined by the set of his subjective cognitions. However, this is something that can only fully be know by the absolute bing in whom these cognitions are rooted. Namely Allah (sbt), Ishwar, Being, etc. The complexity of the human body, and mind is manifest. The simplicity of pure human experience is inwardly known.

    “You cannot claim something to be true without considering other possibilities…”. Point in fact I can “claim” anything. I can deductively substantiate a claim to be true from deriving consequences from commonly accepted truths. I can inductively substantiate a claim by deriving a hypothesis, and empirically testing it. Neither the rationalist mathamatical approach to truth, not the empirical experimental approach require me to “consider other possibilities”. However, considering other possibilities is a health use of ones mind, despite having no bearing on claims to truth.

    And I would like to point you towards Plato’s Allegory of Cave so that you may have insight into the limitations of your own mind.

    p.s. Your mind is turning me on. Are you hot? A lot of the high powered Indian girls are into BDSM. I love the Pak/hind dynamic with them. Invading India, Driving my ship right up her flowing Ghanges,taking the enemies most fertile ground, planting my crop in it, etc.

  18. i want a girl who will serve and obey my every command someone one who will be the perfect wife and look after me by making me feel happy if she fails i will punish her so hard

    • In Islam there are two very different lawful sexual relationships:

      1. Husband-wife
      2. Master-slave

      A wife is a companion. To be love, cherished, and befriended. A slave can be loved, but must obey out of rightful obligation. A wife submits herself to the husband. A slave obeys the command of the Master. This is the same difference between men and angels. Men must choose to submit as an evidence of there love. Angels obey the command of there Master because of there nature.

      Furthermore, no one can “make” you feel happy. They can care for your happiness, but you are ultimately responsible for your emotional state.


  19. I have a weak female friend she doesn’t have self confidence but she was subjected to many hardships in her life . She trusts me so much.
    Is it recommended to enslave her ?

    Or you advice me to enslave my arrogant female friend, she has since of entitlement coz she is a doctor

    I am professor btw

    • I can’t responsibly reccomend one or the other without knowing more about you, your situation, and these women.

      These are 2 different types of experiences that you are considering. Each with its own pleasure, and hardships.

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