Get her to Beg! Make her Invest her Dignity.

Dear Disciples,

If you have any amount of infield experience enslaving women, then you know that the initial stages of an enslavement are all about emotional leverage. You need to put her into an extremely emotionally reactive state. The slightest hint of your displeasure should send fear shooting throughout her body. And the slightest hint of your pleasure should massively reinforce her current behaviors. This state of single minded awareness of your desires needs to be achieved fairly quickly. And the way to do it is to quickly lead her through bigger and bigger acts of compliance. In other words to get her to emotionally invest. As Julien explains so well, the more she invests the more she will be willing to invest.

Now let’s go a little deeper into the concept of investment. The act of investing is to contribute value to some mechanism for the production and return of greater value later. Human beings are spontaneous investors when they see the return of greater value. She has to experience higher value in you. In fact you have to become her highest value for her to actually be you psychological slave. She proves that she values you more then money by spending money on you. She proves that she values you more then any other experience by spending time with you. She proves that she values you more then her emotions when she becomes reactive to you, etc.


Syed Jillal

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