CollarMe 3


Dear Slave Women,

The fact is that given in the cultural environment in which we live in the western world, your intense desires to be controlled, disciplined, and punished are perfectly normal. All the outwardly “strong” and “independent” women you see on TV, or those pale imitations of them that you see around you are on the journey to becoming you. Either they already recognize their desires secretly, or they are still making a useless but intense struggle to suppress these desires. And the characters on TV are completely fictious, and are absolutely psychologically impossible, just as it is absolutely physically impossible for a hippo to flap its legs and fly.

So never think that there is something wrong with you. There is not. Your are responding naturally to an unnatural world. Your are a lioness in a cage more aggressive then in the wild, because you have been placed in an unnatural idealogical imprisonment. To be exploited for the pleasure and financial benefit of your captures. There is something wrong with the “strong” and “independent” woman, who has no need for a man, and think herself whole in herself. There is a reason that Nature, or God, has seen fit to adapt you body over millions of years to have huge gapping cavern that needs to be filled with the love a man, both in your body, and in your soul.

You are normal. The feminist archetype is not. Yes your psychological need for submission is a perverted and exaggerated form of feminine surrender. It is the antithesis to a false thesis. Hagel’s dialectic of human history. But I urge you that as a slave you are still on a journey. Yes you need to serve, obey, and please absolutely. You should be willing to sacrifice anything for your master. However, as you are trained and grounded back into your feminine nature find a man who will have you serve but preserve your dignity and your honor. A truly worthy master will take his pleasure in you, but he will jealously preserve you serving any other. He should know himself to be glorious, and majestic. He should not have egoic need to humiliate you beyond what you deserve. Evan then he should forgive much of what you have earned in punishment. And if you do deserve humiliation beyond certain limits, he should be willing to abandon you for a more valuable servant. is evidence that millions of women around the world are rejecting the feminist ideal of female behavior, and are embracing a submissive role. Communism was reaction against capitalism. The fact that their was reaction, proves that neither the stimulus of the reaction, nor the reaction itself are perfect models. Exaggerated desire for surrender are a reaction to feminism. The fact that the exaggerated desire for surrender is prevalent amongst the global female population is a reaction against feminism proves that neither feminism, nor exaggerated desire for surrender, are perfect models of female behavior. Rater what is ultimately needed is return to the natural biological an original human society, which was not shaped by philosophies, but organically arouse through an aggregate of natural human interactions. Instead of philosophising about what it means to be a woman. Experience what it means to be a woman. Be what you are, not what they’ve made you.


Syed Jillal

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