How to Get girls to Chase You: Investment

Dear Men Who Are Enslaving Women Every Day,

I am in sales. And I love it. In a lot of ways my sales experience is what gives me so effective at enslaving women. Today I want to reframe the process of meeting a woman, and making her into you female slave. Essentially you are selling a product. In order to succesfully make a there are five conditions that must be met during the sales process.

1. The product must be well designed to meet the need.
2. The salesperson must be trustable.
3. The benefits of the product have to be communicated effectively.
4. The negative scenario that will persist without the product must be presented in contrast.
5. The cost of investing in the product must be perceived to be low as compared to benefits to the buyer.

If these five conditions are met, you will successfully make a sale every time. When you meet a woman, and you are attempting to make her into your female slave, you must meet the following five conditions during the enslavement process.

1. You must sell yourself as a well designed product to meet her deepest evolutionary needs
2. You must be a trustable salesperson. She must intuitively trust you.
3. You must effectively communicate how you will satisfy her deepest evolutionary needs.
4. You must paint a picture of her continuing to be deeply dissatisfied with her life in contrast to if she does buy you.
5. You must make the price of complete obedience and submission seem very low as compared to the emotional benefits that bondage would have for her.

This is the process of getting her investing in you. Investment refers to her spontaneously putting energy into continuing to interact with you. The more energy she invests, the more she is binding herself to you, the more emotionally attached she is becoming, and the more easily she will chase you. Remember that in order to collar a woman she must physically be willing to pursue you, feel negative emotions when not in you presence, feel positive emotions most powerfully and primarily when in you presence, continuously be thinking about you, and creatively express themselves in spontaneous acts of service to you, seeking your pleasure.

There are primarily four types of investment that she can make in you.

1. Physical Investment: The further you go with her sexually, and the insaner the things she willingly does for you, the more she has sexually invested. She has humilated herself in order to seek you pleasure. And therefore she will value you much more, because of ehr investment in you.

2. Emotional Investment: When you cause her to experience emotions either in response to the strength of your character, or evoke them throughout the course of your conversation, she is emotionally investing in you. She is expriencing emotion that are bonding her to you emotionally. When you experience emotions together, or you relate similar emotional experiences to her she is also emotionally bonding to you. Or when she confides parts of herself to you, that she does not usually confide to people.

My favorite way of causing her to emotionally invest in me is called the iceberg. It is simple, and has the following benefits.

A. She will emotionally invest in you.
B. You will evoke all of her deepest value, incuding her one prmary deepest value.
C. The evocation of each deeper value will be an increasingly emotional experience.
D. By evoking her values, and the assoicated deeply emotional states you will associate all of them with you.
E. At the end of the iceberg you will have a perfect blueprint of her ego. And how to control her.

Example Iceberg. Context alone with hot female co worker.

“So do you like the city or the country?”

“I grew up in the country, but I like the city. I feel like there is so much more to do.”

“So you like to experience new things?”

“Yeah. It’s so much more exciting then doing the same thing over and over.”

“You like doing things that are exciting. You’re a closet adrenaline junky aren’t you?”

“No!” Slaps my arm. “I like that I can do anything I want in the city. I can move in any direction. There is so much oppurtunity. Buy when I’m at home, I feel stifled, like I’m stuck in a box and there’s nothign I can do about it.”

“I see. You really value you freedom. The ability to move in any direction.”

“Yeah! I really like talking to you. I’ve never opened up this much to anyone in the office. I do value my freedom, but its because I feel like I need tot take care of myself. I’m really insecure sometimes about being safe. And the only thing that makes me feel safe is the ability to move.”

“Why are you so afraid for your saftey?”

“Well, my dad was never around, and guys in high school always tried to get me to do things that I really didn;t want to. I guess I’ve always wanted to feel protected, but never have.”

“Is it important to you that a guy protect you in a relationship.”

“Yes, very. But until now I’ve never felt that a guy could do that….

let’s move onto the third type of investment a woman can make in the process of becoming you female slave girl.


3. Financial Investment: This is when a woman spends her resources in order to please you. Using gas to come to your house. Buying groceries. Getting you a present. Cooking for you.

4. Time Investment: This is when she voluntarily seeks your company. And spends time with you to demonstrate her desire to have sex with you.

In our next post in the series we will discuss different tactics of how to get a girl to chase you by baiting her into complying and investing.

Syed Jillal Ali

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