How to get her to Beg for your Collar

Dear Female Enslaving Men,

So here is some quick objective psychology that you can use to control any other human being that is identified with there ego. Which is 99% of the western world, and 99.9% of North America. The human being consists of consciousness and the body it animates. Consciousness is in a state of experiencing and directing what happens moment to moment. However through the course of human experience the Consciousness sometimes imagines a self image, which is known as the ego. The human spirit is free, spontaneous, and creative. However this ego is not. The ego is mechanistic. Stimulus determines response. Input determines output. Raw material determines finished goods. All spirituality, the essence of all religion is to realize the freedom of the spirit, and escape the imprisonment of the ego, the limitations of the self.

However most people, and especially women in North America are very egoic. That means that they are identified with the mechanistic ego, and not the freedom of Consciousness. This means that women can be manipulated and controlled. They are a mechanism which will predictably respond to stimulus. They are a machine whose output will be determined by your input. They are factories which produce finished goods depending on your input. Your job is to understand the intricacy of the existing mechanism that is already in place inside of her, so that you can skillfully deliver the input that will produce your desired output.

Before we can get women to kneel, and beg for us to place a collar around there neck, we must get her to seek our pleasure, to value us more then she values anything or any one else. How to Get girls to Chase You is designed to answer the question, “How can I get girls to chase me naturally?” And the answer is by building compliance and getting her to invest.

Compliance is the act of responding favorably to a request made implicitly or explicitly by another. The nature of compliance between a man and woman is that it builds momentum. If a man complies to his wife harmlessly flirting with other men, the natural tendency will be for his compliance to grow. He will continuoe to comply with bigger and bigger violations of his self respect until he will watch his wife fucking his best friend over and over, walks out the room smelling like this other man give her husband a big smooch on the cheek, expecting him to play along that nothing is wrong, and her husband will continue to pay for all his wife’s expenses.

However by the same token of compliance if a woman you have just met complies by letting you gently pull her hair, the natural tendency will be for her compliance to grow. She will continue to comply with bigger and bigger acts of self annihalitive submission until she is naked kneeling on the floor of her own living room, signing over all of her assets to you, writing out and signing her own slave contract, begging for your collar, so she can start to give you her first blowjob as you female slave property.

Compliance always build momentum. The more she submits to smaller requests the easier it is for her submit to any larger requests later. Defiance also builds momentum. The more she refuses smaller requests, the easier to refuse to any larger requests later. Remember the whole essence of bondage is to skillfully build a slave’s capacity for submission. To initially bait her into small acts of compliance, and gradually guide her into compliance with even the most self humiliating actions.

It is very important that the Master constantly reward compliance and punish defiance. Both punishment and reward can be more exaggerated once the slave is collared and passed through some training. However when you are in the process of capturing and making a slave the reward and punishment process has to be subtle.

The second major concept that needs to be understood to effectilvey make women into slave girls is investment. Once you can begin the process of you slave investing her time, money, emotions, sexual submission, compeltley into you, you will have a female slave for life. The more she invests the more she will want to invest.

You begin the investment process by getting her to invest in the initial interaction. The more this potential female slave invests the more she is bound to you. And the more easily she will put on your collar. The further and faster she goes with you sexually the more easily she will put on your collar.

Example scenario. Context me interacting with the barista. Sign says five dollar credit card limit.

“It’ll be 2.95.”

I hand her the credit card, looking her dead in the eye without flinching.

She hesitates, but charges me 2.95 on the card.

I talk to her about school for a while. Then I walk away.

Later on the way to the bathroom, I ask her to watch my Mac book. She consents.

I walk out of the bathroom five minutes later to find her leaning over the counter, resting against it, to keep an eye on my Mac, like a watch dog. I thank her non chalantly as I walk past.

I take a break and go talk to her. She immediately drops everything, and focuses completely on me. She sees me looking down her blouse, she leans over the counter, helping me get a better view, and continuos to talk to me. A customer comes and gets in line. I reach over and tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, on the way down I let my hand quite definitely drag her lip down, tracing her chin, and grazing her breasts. Her eyes shine with pleasure, at my desire to touch her.

I slowly walk behind the counter, she remains very still like a deer in the head lites. She is till leaning over the counter. The customer is watching in amazement. I press my rock solid hardness into damp spot on the back of her shorts, she gasps at the sudden sexual contact. I fold my arms around her breasts.Bending over her, as she is bent over the counter. I deeply inhale the thick air of pheromones that is coming offf of her neck. She gasps.

“You’re being a bad girl for making the customer wait”

“I know she whispers.” Afraid for her life.

I remove myself, step to the side, and smack her ass. A tear roles down her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” she whispers. One eye breaking into a stream of tears.

“I am going to come home with you tonight, and get a blow job from you.”

“I close at ten.”

She ignores the customer until I leave.

Thirty minutes later there are no customer in line. I walk to the bar. I take her hand. Lead her to the bathroom. Tie a rope around her neck, pull her hands behind her back, and ties all three appendages together. I rest her head against the painted glass window. Pull down her pink shorts, and proceed to fuck her.

Syed Jillal Ali

4 responses to “How to get her to Beg for your Collar

  1. Hey man this shit is all really good and works really well. I can reward a girl for her compliance but how do i punish non compliance do you have any good articles or videos or tips

  2. Hey man this shit is all really good and works really well. I can reward a girl for her compliance but how do i punish non compliance do you have any good articles or videos

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