Psychology of A female slave girl

Dear Men,

I am writing here on the psychology of the perfect female slave.

“I completely trust my Master with my self. I entrust myself to Him. I am certain that he will not disappoint my faith in Him. I unconditionally surrender myself to Him, regardless of whether he treats me violently or affectionately. All I value is Him. As long as he gives me his attention, it doesn’t matter if he strikes me angrily me or strokes me gently. I have surrendered my soul to Him. I rely only on Him. When I need something, I ask for His help, and no one elses. No one can help me like my Master can. I depend on Him for my existence, for my object of reflection, for my emotional well being, and for the satisfaction of all my physical needs. I am his property. He has the right to do with me whatever he wants. My Master does what he wants. He is the purpose of my existence. I was designed for his pleasure. I submit myself to him totally. I obey Him without the slightest hesitation. If he has ordered me to do something, it must for my own good, even it is beyond my limited comprehension. I obey, even if he requires me to give up my life. He is more important to me, then life itself. He is more important to me then anything and everything else. He is my most important value. I seek His pleasure in all that I think, say, or do. Seeking His pleasure is the only way I feel fulfilled and content. I have given over my right to life and liberty to Him, and my pursuit of happiness lies in seeking His pleasure. He has the right to punish and reward me. He only punishes me when it is necessary, but my Master is generous, and rewards me constantly. My love for my Master has annihilated any trace of an identity, other then His slave. His spirit animates my body just as much as it animates His. His intentions move my body just as His intentions move his body. I am only an agent of His intentions. I am a falcon hunting the prey he has assigned me. I have given up my fierce independence for the pleasure of eating at his hand. He is the authority in my life, and I have no authority to make my own decisions. My Master is majestic and beautiful. I have never seen another man who is as majestic or as beautiful. I am only a small part of my Master’s dominion. I submit myself to Him fully. My master has total control of me, and exercises absolute power over me. My master and His pleasure are the only things I value. I am His slave girl. I am his bondswoman. And nothing more.”

This is the slave contract that I have my slave write out three times, before I collar them. After collaring them, I give them exactly 48 hours to memorize it perfectly. I suggest you do the same.

Syed Jillal Ali

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