CollarMe 2

A true Dom has absolute power and control over his own life, before seeking to collar a female slave. Often boys who have yet to establish this type of control attempt to use to find a female slave. Finding a high quality submissive is as common on CollarMe as gold on the street. Pictures, and words are poor substitutes for experience real life chemistry with a female submissive before putting a collar on her. And since pursuing and competing is a submissive behavior, it is ironic that so called male “Dominants” outnumber female submissive 100 to 1. More often then not, these “Dominants” make pathetic attempts at controlling female sunmiisves, who do not even respond to their messages. And after a few hours of this, they move onto to a pornographic site, and end the night with abusing themselves. This is not the control nor the discipline of a true dominant. What is masturbation if not an admission of defeat, and impotence?

The probability of a female submissive finding a true dominant on CollarMe are very low. And the probability of a Dominant maintaining his dignity while competing with 99 other men for the attention of each female submissive is also very low. Rather the solution is for Dominant men to cultivate their dominance so that is is apparent in everything they do. And for submiisve females to cultivate theie submission until it is apparent in everything they do.

“When I saw achilles I had great desire to see him fight, to throw a spear, to ride to war, but when I saw Hercules I had no such desire. For he did not wait for war, but conquered in whatsoever he was doing: sitting, walking, and talking.” Paraphrase of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Character”.

If you have spent more then ten hours on the CollarMe in the last ten days, and still don’t have a single female slave seeking bondage to you, then you need to focus on real life enslavements. There are thousands of beautiful affectionate intelligent submissive girls within a five mile radius of you. Every week you encounter hundreds of such potential slave women in your everyday life. At your office, at the grocery store, at the mall, etc. Learn the process of meeting them, having them seek bondage to you, putting a collar on their neck, and have them begin serving you. Mastering this process is the key to your relational, financial, and societal future. You will be emotionally and sexually gratified by as many women as you choose for your bed. Your wealth will be determined by the skill with which you choose your slave women. And your status amongst men will be determined at how easily you can demonstrate these skills to them.

My advice to you is get off of CollarMe immediately. Permanently delete your account. And learn real life enslavement. Especially if you haven’t had success on there in over a year. It’s just not the best way of going about enslaving women.

Syed Jillal Ali

P.S. So if you are tired of spending hours on CollarMe, actually want to find a female submissive, and begin training her as your obedient slave today. Then check out my new ebook.

4 responses to “CollarMe 2

  1. I live next door to a girl like that. Just so you guys know, YES there actually ARE girls like that out there. I am a girl myself and I read this blog often so that I know what the tricks are. I’m not into being enslaved, but I’d love to enslave a man. Anyway, my neighbor lets her boyfriend cheat on her and do whatever he wants and she just wants to make him happy. So Yes it is true that within a 5 mile radius of you, there ARE slaves :).

      • Yes, most American men have been psychologically cuckolded by popular western culture. The difference is that men have been enslaved and must be liberated from there enslavement by removing social conditioning. Women have been empowered and must be liberate from there empowerment by removing social conditioning. Absolute arithmetic equality between men and women in idealistic, unrealistic, counter-productive, and if legally enforced a quiet psychologically destructive objective for human societies. Fully functional human beings, whose natural needs are fulfilled, and natural rights are protected should be the objective. There should be immense empirical research into the natural behavioral dynamics between men and women, and there rights should be articulated in accordance with the natural dynamics that are uncovered, not some arithmetic equality. The objective of society should be to facilitate healthy, affectionate, fully functional heterosexual relationships. I do not believe in inalienable rites of the individuals. Rather I believe in the inalienable rites of individual men, and the inalienable rites of individual women. The only word I would use to describe there status relative to each other is complimentary, requiring one another. Not equal.

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