Mockingbird Cafe

Dear Disciples,

Today I stopped at Mockingbird cafe in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. As I pulled up on the gravel a young southern belle with blonde hair and blue eyes looked up, helplessly responding to my energy from a distance. She was sitting outside in the shade. A nursing text book, and all sorts of papers spread on her table. I walked past her, feeling her gaze following me to the door. Inside two of her friends were in line to get there coffee. One had on a white lacy knee high skirt, revealing long pencil legs. She had big shiny black hair, and medium large breasts. A perfect feminine body. I could feel her legs wrapping around me like snakes. While I was losing myself in the rapture of her large soft breasts. Her friend was a not so attractive chubby blonde. As I walked into the line behind them, they both broke their conversation and turned to greet me with smiles. Waiting hoping to gain my attention. They continued to gaze at me, as I scanned the menu. The tension was to much for the southern raven.

“Where are you from?”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m only here till Sunday.”

“You’re leaving tomorrow?” She asked counting on her fingers. Her eyes were troubled. Her blonde friend looked on longingly.

“I am.” With that I ordered my coffee. Chatting up the older, but still energetically attractive barista.

“Me and my friends are going to go hang out at my Daddy’s place on the beach. You want to come?”

“Sure. Your daddy won’t be mad that your bought home an arab boy?”

She hesitated, and then smiled naughtily. “He will be, when I tell him, but he’s not home rite now.” She put her coffee down, wrapped herself around my arm, completely forgot her friend, and began walking me home. As we passed her other friend outside. I noticed her shyly and helplessly looking on. I stopped, fixed my gaze on her, and held out my other hand. She winced, as she hopped out of the chair and ran to take my hand. I walked down Citizen St, toward the beach with two young white southern Belles. It was obvious to everyone that both of them were already dripping, ready and getting readier for me. As all the Mississippi country boys watched on. The nicest stroll of my life.

Syed Jillal Ali

Ps. Don’t try this at home. Southern men will shoot you to protect their dignity. Imagine me putting a collar around the neck of there little girl, and her best friend Marry Sue, and proceeding to fuck them real good on top of the confederate flag they had flying proudly outside their door.

2 responses to “Mockingbird Cafe

  1. A want a hot southern belle as my slave. Gonna keep on reading and learning from you dude. Hopefully it works for a guy like me.

    The following agreements are between the undersigned parties of male natural born person named ________________________ (hereafter “GOVERNMENT”) and the female human animal known as ________________________ (hereafter “governed”), both of whom consent to ALL the below stated agreements:

    WHEREAS we hold as an ethical value and religious truth that biological female human beings need to engage in family life and child birth for their own well-being,
    WHEREAS “governed” has in the past failed to do this adequately by her own admission.
    WHEREAS “governed” considers this a severe crime against her own well-being,
    WHEREAS “governed” considers herself a danger to herself and others due to her own unsatisfying choices,
    WHEREAS both parties agree that only an exaggerated act of domination by a man is likely to make “governed” to submit to a happy domestic and family life, or allow her to engage in satisfying sexual relations,
    WHEREAS the community at large has both failed her to uphold these biological and psychological needs, and discouraged her from fulfilling these needs, and is thus both complicit and an inciting party to her crimes,
    It is RESOLVED and RECOGNIZED as a plea bargain and out-of-court settlement by both parties that “governed” is guilty of crimes against humanity by aiding and abetting in the genocide of her own race, culture, religion, etc., as well as guilty of gross negligence to herself, and guilty of reckless disregard for the public safety.

    WHEREAS government derives its just power from the consent of the governed,
    WHEREAS all persons have equal protection in the laws and under the law,
    WHEREAS both individual natural born persons and government franchise corporations are legal persons,
    WHEREAS courts are branches of government franchise corporations,
    WHEREAS courts are able to duly convict criminals through either trial or accepting a plea bargain,
    WHEREAS such convictions may result in involuntary servitude, or slavery,
    WHEREAS “governed” initially consents to be governed by “GOVERNMENT”,
    It is RESOLVED and RECOGNIZED by both parties that “GOVENRNMENT” may accept a plea bargain from “governed” and sentence her to involuntary servitude, such that all her previous rights and privileges are legally transferred to him and may be transferred by him to other parties at will, and such that she is his transferable property.

    THEREFORE, “GOVERNMENT” exercises his lawful power to accept the above mentioned plea bargain, and sentences “governed” to involuntary servitude of all her rights and privileges to him, and to slavery as his transferable property, for a period of time up to the remainder of her natural life.

    WHEREAS “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
    WHEREAS “governed” is the property of “GOVERNMENT”,
    WHEREAS the life and liberty of “governed” has been transferred to “GOVERNMENT” through due process of law,
    WHEREAS to deny this is to deny “GOVERNMENT” equal protection of the laws,
    WHEREAS “GOVERNMENT” is a citizen of the United States and no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge his privileges or immunities,
    It is RESOLVED and RECOGNIZED by both parties that no court, state, or branch of government may interfere with the indentured servitude or slavery of “governed” to “GOVERNMENT”

    THEREFORE, “governed” is now the slave or transferable property of “GOVERNMENT”, and all the rights and privileges of “governed” now belong to “GOVERNMENT”, as a legally binding and irrevocable agreement.

    ____________________________ ________________
    (Signature of “governed”) (DATE)

    ____________________________ ________________
    (Signature of “GOVERNMENT”) (DATE)

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