Coffee Shop

Dear Oppression Defying Men,

Seriously it’s time to wake up, and smell the coffee. Submissive potential slave women are all around us. Because their naturally submissive behavior has been repressed since childhood, they all need exaggerated slave style submission in their life to feel sexually gratified. By all means enjoy traditional relationships with the few natural women you find in North America. But please get out there and start putting collars around the necks of the independent and sexually manipulative type women who are destroying our society. For your own benefit, for the satisfaction of their own biological natures, for the psychological health of future generations, and consequently for the continuation of the human race on the planet. It is possible. And therefore I share my experiences in the hopes that you’ll wake up.

Today I walked into my favorite coffee shop. I really like this place, because there is always a different flavor of cute girl working. A tall friendly nineteen year old picturesque blonde with if Owl City was clothes fashion sense. A tiny petite red head with tan skin who looks ridiculously appetizing in tight jeans. An celtic pale skinned redhead type “lesbian” who is fun, because she interprets her turn on in response to me as caffeine kicking into her system. Her heart beat speeds up around me every single time, and she still hasn’t gotten why? Really? Sad. What has America has come to? The land of the free has become the land of the utterly confused as to what it means to be a truly free and dignified human being. So many potential female slaves. And they have all surrendered there souls to me, waiting hopefully for the day when I choose to call on there service.

Anyways I walk in and the picturesque blonde looks up to with those big watery eyes and her big red lips break into a smile. I like this one what can I say. I ordered my coffee, and just watched her move. She began to tremble in joy and spilled ice all over the floor behind the counter. I grabbed my coffee and climbed the stairs to the back of the coffee shop. Soon she made her way back to the kitchen trying to catch my eye as she moved back and forth from the front counter, and the back kitchen. It was like watching an ant burn in the sun. She could barley control the agony of me not speaking to her. Finally I got up, glancing at the counter to make sure no one was there. I walked to the back of the kitchen. I made sure she caught a glimpse of me, as I slowly walked up behind her, pressing myself into her. I wrapped my arms around her breasts, and pulled her into myself, she reached up and grabbed my arms. Relaxing into me. I bent my head sideways and bit the back of her small neck, she tensed. I held on until she relaxed again.

“I’m into bondage. Do you know what that is?”

“Me too.” She was lying.

“Good. I don’t date girls. I own slave girls, who do as their told. Will you be a good girl for me?”

“Yes.” She said helplessly.

“Get my computer bag.” I told her as I let go, and walked into the bathroom.

Twenty seconds later she was in the bathroom with me, with my computer bag in hand, and barring the old french door. I put a slave bracelet on her left wrist.

“I own you.”

“I know.” She smiled naughtily. I like this one. What can I say? Think Amanda Seyfried, but even more ecnhanting.

Syed Jilal Ali

ps. F*** starbucks.

pps. Pictures or never of the actual girls, unless explicitly mentioned. These images are from

ppps. So if you’re still asking where can I get a sex slave? How can I find girl who is into female bondage? Where can I find a slave girl for rough bondage sex? Is it still possible to acquire and own slave girls to satisfy my every whim? Where can I find a submissive girl? Take a second to stop, take a breath, and wake up. Look around they are everywhere. All women are submissive. And all modern North American women need exaggerated forms of submission, because the societal repression of their naturally submissive behavior. Get Enslave Her (the ebook), and get out there. Collar as many women as possible, and join the Masculine feminine dynamics revolution.

pppps. More on F***ing starbucks later.

2 responses to “Coffee Shop

  1. Brother I need that book asap. Where are you? Where is your book? Impatiently waiting for your response… I hope all is well brother.


  2. Dear Rameen,

    I relocated to Pakistan as I told you I would. I was busy getting started with my studies of Qur’an and Arabic. I am helping to launch a set of four YouTube channels entitled.

    Islamic Renaissance: The Psychology of Bondage
    Islamic Renaissance: The Sociology of Patriarchal Tribalism
    Islamic Renaissance: The Economics of a Real Free Market
    Islamic Renaissance: The Politics of vice-Regency

    We’ll be interviewing the genius level thinkers of the western world and giving them dawah on film. Discussing Islam not just as a religion, but a socio-politco-economic system. I thought you had potential. Tell me when your grow tired of the repetitiveness of tabligh, and want to make a real difference for mankind.

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