Yoga Class

Dear Men,

The question that I get asked the most by the men I mentor is, “Where can I get a sex slave?”. Hopefully letting you know how I spent my day today, will answer that question.

I opened the door of my favorite yoga studio, and was greeted with a room full of beautiful women in fitness tights, and tank tops. All of them involuntarily stopped what they were doing and turned to greet me. The feminine energy in the room already polarizing in response to me. I walked to the sign in desk, signed my name and payed the shamelessly flirting sign in girl. Setting up my mat at the front of the room, I sat down and began my meditation. Becoming increasingly independent from my immediate surroundings. The din of girls socializing quickly ended as they flooded into the room after me, desperately yet shyly seeking to get a spot next to mine. As class begins the instructor gives me a flirtatious smile. I remained calmly in my meditation.

Throughout my class I entirely focused my consciousness on my practice. The girls made me their center of attention. Many had difficulty holding poses, because they could not focus on their bodies. Throughout class the instructor, Jena, kept retuning to me. Touching me a moment longer then necessary, and more intimately then she touched the others. Jena kept stepping over me, and giving me pleasant views. During my bridge she spread her legs above my face, rested her face on my member, wrapped her arms around me, and pulled me upwards. My engorged member pressed against her face. I enjoyed my clearly visible engorgement, in a room full of scantly clad sweating women, all focusing on it.

At the end of class, I sat in meditation. Jena kneeled in front of my mat, and introduced herself. She had blonde hair, green almond eyes, and a fit yet femininely soft body. He whole vibe was an invitation for sex. She made some light conversation, flipping her hair, touching my tights, glancing at my bulge, and verbally confirming her availability. Soon one of her students came, and complimented my practice. She then sat down next to me, and sought to engage me in yogic philosophy. Her name was Alex. Half an hour passed with them each seeking to impress me, and I continued to lead them into the deeper metaphysics of surrender. Half and hour passed. They were obviouslly not going anywhere. I asked them if they wanted to come with me to do some Yoga at a the hill overlooking a pond, at the end of one of the trails in City Park. They immediately agreed.

Alex drove us to the park which was five minutes away. We parked along the road with vast green park extending for at least a mile in in each side of the road. We made our way through the forestry green of the park. We finally got to a circle of trees which made a natural room on three side of a circle, and on the fourth suide was a very large pond. I took of my t shirt, and threw it on the ground. It was hot and we were sweaty and tired. I lied down in the shade with my army invitingly outsoread. They instinctly each came and lied down on either side. After a quick nap, I woke up and took of my pants. And began a sun salutation. They followed my lead stripping down to bras and panties. After the first two salutations, I asked them, “Jena, Alex, Do you want to go all natural?” They complied without hesitation.

They continued their modified sun salutations, and I inspected every inch of their bodies, as they moved through the poses. Occasionally allowing myself to slip inside of them, as I pressed them into a particular stretch, but not yet fucking them. After thirty minutes of very hot play time.

I told them, “Jenna, Alex, I only fuck girls who are willing to be my sex slaves. Do you want to be my sex slaves?” They giggled. But slowly realized I was serious. And then immediately consented. I took some rope out of my gym bag, and made makeshift collars for them. I leashed them to a tree. And then I fucked them.

They are sleeping on the ground, at the feet of my chair as we speak. Poor girls, it was really hot out there. A whole day of sun will really knock you out. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep this lot. Probably keep Jena, at least I know she can earn some money.

Syed Jilal Ali

ps. So if you’re still asking where can I get a sex slave? How can I find girl who is into female bondage? Where can I find a slave girl for rough bondage sex? Is it still possible to acquire and own slave girls to satisfy my every whim? Where can I find a submissive girl? Take a second to stop, take a breath, and wake up. Look around they are everywhere. All women are submissive. And all modern North American women need exaggerated forms of submission, because the societal repression of their naturally submissive behavior. Get Enslave Her (the ebook), and get out there. Collar as many women as possible, and join the Masculine feminine dynamics revolution.

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